George Noory – Legendary Radio Host/Personality

George Noory

Guest: George Noory

What a show this one is! When Jim Malliard promises that this interview is one interview to nearly break the internet, he’s not lying. This week we have a very special, and important guest on The Malliard Report. George Noory, the reverent host of the “Coast 2 Coast AM” radio show came down to have a talk with Jim Malliard this week, and proving once more why we’re the Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio.

Our guest really doesn’t need that much of an introduction, especially for fans of the Paranormal, and of Paranormal Radio, but for those that are new to the program, or genuinely don’t know, George Noory is a Radio Personality with his own show, Coast 2 Coast AM, as well as an author of several books and personality seen on paranormal viewed television shows. Being one of the biggest guests that Jim Malliard has brought out so far, we start off with a simple question that Jim had to ask: Do nighthawks and ducks get along? Luckily, according to Noory, they do, and it shows well in the entire interview.

In fact, Jim Malliard starts off our first half of the show asking George Noory a few questions about him, getting us an inside look into the person behind the microphone, and a little look in depth to him as a person. The first question that was asked was about how George Noory got his start in Radio, and what drove him to want to do broadcasting. The answer of course being an interesting story about an important time in Noory’s life when it came to telling his Father, revealing that he originally was going to school for Dentistry before changing his major to something he really loved doing which luckily ended up working out for both of them in the end.

Of course from there the first half of the show is also marked with questions regarding why George Noory doesn’t allow camera’s into the show to film the Coast 2 Coast show live, and how our guest believes it ruins the mystery of the show, and that the type of audience who listens to the show aren’t the kind who are interested in watching that, but want to listen in instead. Not only that, but Jim Malliard also asks George Noory about his own family, and whether any of them listen in to his broadcast, with Noory revealing his oldest Granddaughter, Arianna, whom he gave a shout out to, as well as how his Mother is still an avid fan of the show, as well as his Father being his biggest supporter.

Not only that, but the entire show is dominated as well between the two Radio personalities talking about not only themselves, but the future of Radio, and how they all need to remain relevant in the modern age between podcasting, streaming, and all of that to keep themselves around.

While all of the show blends itself together, with the only break being at the halfway point of the Malliard Report, it’s wall to the wall banter and questions that no fan of either Coast 2 Coast or the Malliard Report should miss. All of it culminating near the end when George Noory reveals the relationship he has with Art Bell, and his thoughts regarding the man coming out of retirement and coming back to Radio again.

Sadly, as is always the case, the fun has to stop eventually, and we’re left with wanting more. As we come to the end of this interview we’re left with a few things. Awe at Jim Malliard for bringing on a wonderful guest to the show, as well as an appreciation for George Noory and all that he does with setting the bar and inspiring others with their passion in paranormal broadcasting. Where will it go from here? We can only speculate, but wherever the Malliard Report goes, it’ll be one heck of a fun ride! As always, stay quacking!