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George Noory

ListenThis week on The Malliard Report Jim welcomes back a guest that has become a favorite of the show. Taking some time out of his very busy schedule, the voice of late night himself, George Noory sits down with Jim to discuss the recent flurry of unusual current events, the passing of the legendary Art Bell, the pain and joys in talk radio/broadcasting, and his most recent book release Mad as Hell.
Noory is known best for his role as host of the mass syndicated radio program Coast to Coast AM, but also holds a recurring guest role on the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens, and leads the Gaiam TV program Beyond Belief with George Noory. George is also published author with such titles as Someone is Hiding Something: What Happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Talking to the Dead, and his most recent work Mad as Hell. Mad as Hell is an insight to the times in which we find ourselves where things seem more like a plot to a terrible movie more than life itself.
In Mad as Hell George takes pieces of the proverbial puzzle and insight that he has gained from his years hosting Coast to Coast and shows a bigger picture of what may be. One of the more stand out points in the book is the apparent reasoning behind countless wars and refugee crisis situations. George writes “…there’s something else afoot here besides the fighting and violence, the victims by the tens of millions, which we hear about on the news so often. There’s a bigger picture for which I’m trying to put all of these pieces of the puzzle together. I believe one of my roles on Coast to Coast is to see what this puzzle looks like when we have the whole picture. The pieces I have put together tell me that these endless, meaningless conflicts and the displacement of vast numbers of people, refuges by the tens of millions, is not an accidental consequence of wars fought over right or wrong but as a result of wars that premeditated, deliberate. What I am grasping is that there is an end result to all these purposeful conflicts – a one-rule world government, created in order to break the United States down to nothing so that it can’t defend itself…”
Art Bell’s passing in April 2018 certainly left a painful void in the world of talk radio and broadcasting. Truly a pioneer into a genre that we all know and love Art blazed a trail for many greats to start on. George openly shares how Art’s passing affected him but also recounts the legend he left behind.
George as always is a fantastic guest and his insight is spot on. You can hear George on Coast to Coast on over 650 nationwide affiliates or streaming through the website . You can purchase any of George’s books through Amazon or any other major retailer in either physical or digital mediums. To keep up with all things Malliard head over to or connect via Twitter @Malliard.