George Noory and his interesting story from The Fourth of July

Jim Malliard: That’s cool. Someday I hope my kids listen to my show, and they aren’t too embarrassed about it.

George Noory: Yeah, and my mother out of Detroit listens religiously, and calls me all the time, and has guest ideas, things like that. She, a couple days ago on Independence Day, she had called me with a song that she wanted me to play – which we did, as a bumper song – but she wanted to call in and play it over her phone by holding her phone up to her CD player, and I said, “No mom, we’ll just we’ll just play the song.” It was Proud to be an American. And it just cracked me up because I says, “No, you don’t have to call in and play this over the phone.” She said, “No, I want to do it. Don’t worry.” She’s 86 years old, Jim. And I just said, “Mom, just listen to the show. We’ll play it. It will sound much better, believe me, than just over the phone like that.” And it was just funny watching her try to push me to do this thing; but, she’s been active– my dad – God rest his soul, he died a few years ago – was very active with the show, listened all the time, until he started getting ill and sick. But they’ve been supporters of me ever since that one day in Detroit when dad saw my name pop up on those credits.

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