George Noory on Alex Jones

Jim Malliard: I asked you about your event with Alex Jones earlier, but I didn’t ask this question then, I’m going to ask it now – is he as normal as it seems with the clip that I watched you in? Because you see these clips of him going bananas at times and–

George Noory: You know, he’s a showman, he’s a patriot, he’s a dedicated American, he does not hold back in how he feels. Some of us may temper how we feel, we may be Assad it a little bit; Alex does not, Jim. He just says it the way he feels and that’s who he is. I have to slow him down a little bit when he’s on Coast to Coast. I’ve got to bring him down and say, “Alex, tone it down a little bit. We’re not going to do X, Y, and Z.” And he does that, he brings it down to a level that’s a little more comfortable for me in the show; but what you see with Alex Jones, that’s what you get.

George Noory – Legendary Radio Host/Personality

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