George Noory uses an illuminati signal !?!?

Jim Malliard: It’s your promotional picture from Coast to Coast, it’s all over the place. It’s the current one.

George Noory: So, is it the one of me in the couch or the headshot?

Jim Malliard: The one with you in the couch with your hands, and they kind of–

George Noory: Okay.

Jim Malliard: Okay? So, this is where this is all headed.

George Noory: Seated position?

Jim Malliard: Yeah, seated position, you got your hands on your lap. The comment was, “Is George flashing an illuminati symbol?”

George Noory: No! I’m sitting there with my hands on my– oh man.

Jim Malliard: I had to– they wanted me to ask you and you said I could ask him anything so I said, “I’m going for it.” I was hoping you’d give me one of these ‘I can’t really discuss it,’ ‘You’re onto me,’ or ‘Click,’ or something.

George Noory: I’m not even sure what an illuminati signal is.

George Noory – Legendary Radio Host/Personality

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