George Noory was almost a what?!??

Jim Malliard: Because you were in radio for a while as a younger man, and then kind of changed paths a little bit, and then you came back. So why did you come back to radio many years ago, I guess now, but–?

George Noory: I missed radio. Let me tell you– I’ll give you a quick synopsis of my career, Jim. 19 years old, I was a production assistant for a television station in Detroit, going to the University of Detroit to get a degree in broadcast journalism, and I loved it! I absolutely loved it! My father wanted me to become a dentist, and so the first couple years – my 18 and 19-year-old years – I was in pre-dent at the University of Detroit but my love was always broadcasting. So, I switched my major, did not tell him, and one day the report card shows up – in those days the parents get everything – he’s looking at it and calls me into the living room. He says, “George, there’s something strange about your report card.” And I said, “Well what do you mean dad?” And he said, “Well, whoever’s report card this is, he’s doing great and broadcasting. He’s getting A’s and this and that, but where’s yours? It’s a mistake.” And I said, “Dad I switched my major. I changed it. I don’t want to be a dentist. I want to go into broadcasting, that’s what I want to do.” And he was so upset; but I was working part-time at a TV station as a production assistant while I was doing that, and he wouldn’t talk to me Jim, for two months, that’s how upset he was. And I was just crushed that my dad was so upset. One day he’s watching a television newscast on that station I was on, it was an ABC owned station in Detroit, and he sees my name come up on the credits and he’s just aghast, and he calls me up the next day and says, “Was that you?” And I said, “Yeah, that was me. That’s what I’m doing now.” And he loved it! And after that he was my biggest supporter. Well jump ahead a few–

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