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George Noory – Coast to Coast AM


Welcome to a very special five year anniversary episode of The Malliard Report. Five years to the day in fact, this duck first took flight. (Synchronicities much?) To help commemorate this milestone achievement Jim welcomes the velvet voiced radio and television personality from “West of the Rockies”, George Noory.

Noory, who is known best for his role as host of the mass syndicated radio program Coast to Coast AM, also holds a recurring guest role on the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens, and leads the Gaiam TV program Beyond Belief with George Noory. With a lifelong fascination of UFOs since childhood, and with thirteen years in the driver seat of Coast to Coast AM, George is no stranger to the unusual and unexplained. Covering a plethora of paranormal, and political topics while shedding some light on the mystery of life behind the microphone George and Jim dive right in.

Anyone that is familiar with the show will know that UFO disclosure is a recurring theme that is regularly discussed with guests, and George is no exception. Playing off the idea that one day files will be left behind in a Starbucks, George too believes that disclosure will come not from a political figure (contrary to what is being spewed by potential candidates) but rather that of a leak from the inside. George eludes that this would be the most likely and reliable scenario because leaks often contain the real information rather than the watered down variant to keep from “mass panic”.

Does the government and media cover up or downplay information pertaining to major news events? With a resounding “yes” George gives his take on how the media covers news stories, and how much of an obvious hand the government has in directing these stories. From the MH370 events to the cries of terrorism then sudden silence of the Egyptian Air disaster, the cloaking of government operations becomes more and more apparent, with increasing levels of public frustration. George states that he believes that the genesis of this obvious manipulation stems from the Kennedy assassination, and has spiraled out of control ever since.

George candidly discusses his thoughts on Bigfoot, fictional technology of the past being reality today, ghost hunting, life on and off the air, and many more subjects. This episode is a perfect way to celebrate the achievement of five years and 254 episodes. Go ahead and press play and see why The Malliard Report has been The Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio for five years strong.

A very special thank you, to you, all of the listeners of The Malliard Report. You are the reason why TMR is where it is today, and continues to grow. Without the listeners, there is no show. Continue to spread the word, and help make the show great!

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