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George Stadalski – Parascience Journal

This week on The Malliard Report Jim is breaking down the science behind the paranormal field and shunning the showmanship that plagues the industry with none other than George Stadalski. George is the founder of Parascience Journal and a staunch advocate for bringing reality (not reality TV) to the field of paranormal investigations. Shying away from the term “ghost hunter”, George Stadalski would like to see the field of paranormal investigations become a lot more structured than what it currently is, and believes the equipment improvement ideas that he has can “…revolutionize the field for the better, and not just for the dramatic.”

Always having a fascination with the odd and unexplained since a young age, George continues to dig deeper into the mysteries of the paranormal field by utilizing a legitimate scientific approach. George Stadalski claims that just because groups are using expensive and fancy equipment, this does not make them professionals. How the evidence and data is processed and analyzed is what really matters. George said it best with “Data must also be recorded properly for the evidence collected to be validified. The science is in the process, not the technology.” To emphasize this point, George cites an example where a particular ghost hunting show was caught using walkie talkies to manipulate a K2 meter so as to appear as if it was being used by an unknown entity.

One of the most difficult aspects of exploring this field is that often more questions arise as answers are discovered, thereby leaving the individual more perplexed than what they started. George really drives this point with the question: if spirits/ghosts/entities have no physical form, how are the able to communicate with us? How do they hear the questions that we ask when doing EVP or spirit box sessions? How are they able to respond verbally as they do? How are the able to move doors, windows, etc.? Are they able to interact with recorded questions being played on a device? George mentions that he does have plans to begin testing theories in this area of study. One paranormal television show has done an experiment close to this in nature where they had questions pre-recorded in the native spoken language of the area played on loop, and during one of the EVPs a response is heard. However this was a one-time event, and replication of the experiment has not happened on this particular show. It will be very interesting to see what type of results are had with these tests.

Jim and George also discuss a number of many other topics such as the black-eyed children subject that seems to be gaining a lot of traction in the paranormal field as of late, the cranking up of the “extreme factor” in paranormal television, and how ghost hunting actually broke away from taboo and into the mainstream. (His point that it is a form of cheap entertainment is incredibly spot on, and is certainly not one that is commonly thought of.) You can follow George’s latest works and events at his website and on Twitter @Parascijournal. And as always, for all things Malliard Twitter @Malliard is the place to be.