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The Malliard Report 05062014 

Live Call In Show On Ghosts  

Are the terms Ghost and Spirit too vague for the paranormal field?

Chip Reichenthal a host from Dark Matter Network calls in and talks about a Harvard University find in space that shows that Einstein’s theories are true. He also discusses his new book ‘Even The Dead Won’t Tell You The Truth’.

Josh and James from Translating Phantoms discuss today’s controversy on Twitter between Zak Bagans and Robb Demarest. They also talk about their take on the stone tape theory and a group called the Skull Group and their methods of communicating with ghosts. You can contact Josh and James via Twitter @TranslatingPhantoms and check out their YouTube channel Translating Phantoms.

Richard from England talks about a piece of equipment currently being developed for communicating with ghosts using the stone tape theory.

Chris Sutton answers the question ‘When did people start seeing ghosts and spirits?’. He also discusses how it was once the norm for people to see and talk to spirits and how his field of Shamanism has helped others that have had experiences.

Jim’s Final Thought:  The Roast of Jim Malliard and The Malliard Report is airing on May 27,2014 at 9pm EST, now is your chance to call in on (234) 738-2552 to leave a voice message to retell humorous stories, share your thoughts on the show (good or bad) or even lob a few barbs.  Lines are open now at (234) 738-2552.

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