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Giovanni Dienstmann – meditation


On this broadcast of The Malliard Report, we talk with Giovanni Dienstmann. He is a transplant to Australia from Brazil, He is an author and app developer who has a strong passion for meditation. He has been using meditation in his daily life since discovering it as a young man.

He goes on to explain the three different main types of meditation and what benefits can from using it daily. Being able to commit to using meditation has been said to center and focus you and help you improve your life. Giovanni goes on to explain how meditation can help you stop your mind and be able to focus and center it. How to help make things manifest for the good or to help a memory be recovered or to overcome fear .

Jim and Giovanni speak a little about how to use meditation for astral projection, what ways would be best to practice this to strengthen the skill. Also how those who use this method have found that it helps keep you partially grounded while in the astral projection state.

Jim also asks Giovanni about how to break bad habits. We find out that the biggest triggers of bad habits and how to stop them, also we learn a lot about self-preservation tools. A funny but interesting fact that Giovanni has put out was that he only looks at social media one time a week, that alone to many seems like a crazy idea. Giovanni says that he has felt and found the benefits for stepping back from the daily stress of social media. Take a step into another view of meditation and see for yourself if its something that you might start to incorporate in your life.


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