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Glenn Colin

You could read the show notes from The Malliard Report’s many recorded podcasts as lots of people do but you’d be shortchanging yourself. For the best of what the show has to offer you really need to listen to the recorded shows as increasing numbers of people are doing. You’ll get more information, more details and just more of everything you want to know.
Jim explores the back story, the hidden story, the things others host’s are afraid to touch. The Malliard Report brings it all to you. Full bore. Jim says Bring it on, bring it on, nothin’ we can’t handle.
There’s the show and then there’s the show notes which give brief details for those on the run who really don’t have time to listen. But again, you are short changing yourself if you only read the show notes. Just listen to a few shows and you’ll be convinced that the show is your best bet
What are you waiting for? The show notes are good but listening to the recorded live shows is even better. Set aside some time and pick a show. Gather your friends, have a listening party, ask questions, come up with your own theories, and share them on an upcoming show. Take a few minutes and I’m sure once you listen to a few shows you’ll want to join our growing audience of dedicated and committed fans. We have the information that you’ve always wanted to know. We ask the questions others are afraid to ask and get the answers others are afraid to say. We are The Maillard Report. Listen today.

Original Show Notes

“Share About Transverse Myelitis” Guest Glenn Colin

My Thoughs

While Glenn was nevous to start with, it didnt take long to get things rolling. Sent me a message went the next book is done, we will do it again. Go Steelers!

Glenn’s Review

I wrote this book because of my wife.  In 2001 she was diagnosed with
Transverse Myeleits.  A rare neurological, autoimmune illness.  It took two
days for Physcians at a world class hospital to figure out what it was.
One day she is an active healthy woman playing touch football in the park.
The next day, she awoke paralyzed from the neck down.  No one knows what
causes it, and there is no cure.  My dream was that the book would become
popular and more people would learn about this awful illness.  A percentage
of the profits will benefit the Transverse Myelitis Association.  You can
learn more about T.M. @
here are the links to the book “The Sons of Apollyon”

No Audio

Looks like they got ahold of another one…while we try and wrangle the beasts, feel free to enjoy one of the many other great episodes of The Malliard Report.