Gordon Rochford

History is a lie. The narrative that you are presented on a daily basis is a lie. Woven by a much larger cabal that is outside the standard visual scope of the everyday person…at least it was. With the nearly comedic tale of the Jeffery Epstein case, the open acceptance of government surveillance and digital spying manufactured crises and wars; it is safe to say conspiracy theory has more or less gone “mainstream.” 9/11, Bigfoot, Aliens, JFK, the Queen is an Alien. For the longest time, that was a conspiracy theory. But conspiracy theory is so much more than just JFK. It is a reexamination of history, a reexamination of culture. Looking at the story given to you while looking for the information that they don’t. Gordon Rochford Transcription

Joining Jim this week on the show is Irish funnyman Gordon Rochford. Gordon is a comedian and host of Those Conspiracy Guys podcast: A podcast heard the world over that focuses on conspiracies, true crime, and looking at the world from a questioning perspective. Believing that the source material may be a bit heavy for some, Gordon is known for creating a bit of levity to the situation with a well placed “dick joke” to make the material “more palatable” to the average listener. Finding out that everything around you is a complete façade can be difficult to take at face value, so a bit of humor certainly makes the information easier to process. Taking on the subjects of conspiracy playing out before our very eyes, being able to retrospectively look back at our current situation, the blatantness of those that are in power (the Trevor Noah, Hillary/Chelsea Clinton interview mocking the Epstein murder is certainly bone chilling) and even questioning Snowden, Gordon makes the hour absolutely fly by.

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Link to the Hillary/Chelsea Interview – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCbRi_vHoRM

Jim Malliard 0:00
Want to welcome everybody to the Malliard Report. We were just talking a little bit here. But before we begin, views and opinions of the shows are those of the hosts and guests and do not represent anybody else. So if you get offended, well, go somewhere else. I think, that’s official enough, I don’t know. And also visit Malliard.com M-A-L-L-I-A-R-D. My guest tonight is Gordon from Those Conspiracy Guys, or should I fer- put more emphasis on Those Conspiracy Guys? How does that work? Where’s the emphasis lie on that?

Gordon Rochford 0:34
It kind of goes up at the end like a valley girl like Those Conspiracy Guys. I don’t know maybe.

Jim Malliard 0:42
I don’t think I have that octave. So we’re good.

Gordon Rochford 0:46
I think-

Jim Malliard 0:47
It’s the much belated return. It’s well, you know, we talked, we were just joking a little bit before and then I looked it up and oh, yeah, we’ll do it. We’ll do it soon. We’ll do it soon. Well, for your- three years later, we’re doing it. So welcome back.

Gordon Rochford 0:58
Thanks, man. It’s great to be back. Malliard Report.

Jim Malliard 1:02
So what, anything happen-

Gordon Rochford 1:03
Dogs-Dogs lie together.

Jim Malliard 1:04
I was gonna say, anything in the world happened since the last time we’ve talked?

Gordon Rochford 1:07
Oh, Jesus Christ, what hasn’t happened? You got- We got Trump, we got civil war, we got-everyone’s committing suicide for some reason, they got like an-fires, earthquake, lasers from the sky. You’ve got global warming, the invasion of the comberg brigades you’ve got- what the fuck don’t you have? Conspiracy has entirely gone fully mainstream.

Jim Malliard 1:32
As I say. So your show is doing well?

Gordon Rochford 1:35
Very well. I mean, it’s incrementally getting better all the time. Listener wise, there’s been a kind of a slowdown on the episode release. When we’re get ready for season eight. I’m still putting out episodes of season seven. We’re knocking over 600 hours. I think close enough to 13 million career downloads for the show so far, and I’m getting really nice numbers back from from Spotify. Now that I have my, my podcast. What do they call it? The creators dashboard. I get to see all my analytics and they are delicious looking. And yeah, loads of like personal improvement and professional advancement and great opportunities and live shows and you know, getting out into the world and seeing people and meeting people. And couple of small setbacks, couple of minor disappointments, but it’s nothing that time won’t fix and cure. And as my grandfather said, What’s for you won’t go by you.

Jim Malliard 2:36
It is interesting because like, we’ve talked and I’ve kind of watched you grow and vice versa. And it’s just amazing how these things keep going and taking on lives of themselves after awhile

Gordon Rochford 2:46
Oh, yeah, yeah, the show like, it’s, it’s weird, It’s a weird phenomenon. When you put out something out into the world that you think is a thing. And then other people hear it and they’re like, Oh, this is a thing, theys think to me, and then you try and change or grow or move in a different direction or revise your your you know first impressions or you try to make it more sustainable like we just prior to the podcast we’re like you can’t be churning out shows every week that’s the size of my show like it’s it’s you just fucking burn out man it’s no it’s impossible to keep going bash hard for as long as I did without even like drawing breath. So once it gets out into the world it’s it’s not yours anymore you know. Your children are not your children, as they say like it’s fucking it’s cray-it’s crazy. It’s taking a life its own, it’s got so many fans so many people writing in and social media and email, stuff like that. People like go on like ‘your show touched me and not in a kind of a Weinstein kind of way’. It was really got me deep, hard. And it’s nice to have that conversation going on when you haven’t got people in your life, that were that are willing to talk about these kinds of things, because a lot of it is fucking dark and horrible and depressing and hopeless. But when you sprinkle it with dick jokes, it seems a little bit more palatable somehow.

Jim Malliard 4:14
Somehow, someway. And for those folks who think I need to do a longer show, they should tune into your show, because you do. What’s-the longest one I remember hearing you two do but that maybe it’s longer now is like nine hours.

Gordon Rochford 4:26
Yeah, I think 740 is the longest. I’ve done a stream for nine hours before.

Jim Malliard 4:32
Okay. I was going to say, I knew there was nine hours in there somewhere.

Gordon Rochford 4:36
I think we’ve done a 10 hour stream before where I went on til like seven, eight in the morning. Because I’m in Ireland, so a few hours ahead, you know, and, yeah, I mean, it takes time to discuss these topics. And then to try and give the history in the context. Like, if you want to just get the details, you could just get a book and read it. But if you don’t know all the things in the book like to explode all these terms and you get like a name of a guy and the guy who’s writing the book is like yeah you know generally whatever the fuck your name is, you know he did this thing and everyone’s like why is that important because you don’t know who that guy is. So we kind of scrape back and pull back the foreskin of that story and have a look you know, the real cheesy information underneath you.

Jim Malliard 5:23
Someone asked you a broad based questions just because and then we’ll dig into it a little bit more as we go here. Are you more interested in today’s like real time conspiracies versus like the Kennedy assassination or any you know, point-one that whatever it is is what it is now?

Gordon Rochford 5:38
This is one of these kind of classic questions people are asking me now. It’s like oh you’re mad at the true crime. No, you’re not like into conspiracies as much as I’m saying like, what is a conspiracy theory? That was always the- like I was always like, kind of sniffling for truffles was like looking for the little bit of history that was told the wrong way. And I think even from the very start, I call the conspiracy guys, those conspiracy guys. Conspiracy had to be in the name because, like conspiracy to me is something that everybody believes to be true that is actually factually incorrect. Now that can go from like, you know, these old high school rumors like Marilyn Manson removed to ribs so he could suck his own dick, and he’s also like the guy off The Wonder Years. Like those things aren’t true. But everyone believes them to be true. So they might as well be true. You know. So like, if everyone believes that the Federal Reserve was created to stop a boom bust, American economy from the 19th century to be able to stabilize the country to create, like a stock exchange, to raise the value of the dollar and allow Americans to be able to grow in a post Industrial revolution tertiary industry service world, which give birth today like advertising and propaganda and the gross capitalism, the first billionaire, is like all of these things in order to know what all of those are who those people or what- what those people did to make America or the world the way it is now. Like that stuff, that’s all just history. Like it’s not- it’s not conspiracy theory. When people think conspiracy theory think 911, Bigfoot, aliens, JFK, the queen is a lizard like they’re the, they’re like the top and conspiracy so like, Yeah, sure. JFK hundred percent a conspiracy like Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t shoot him. The term “conspiracy theory” comes from people commenting on that case. Conspiracy Theory it’s in, it’s in the Warren report. Like it’s a bunch of dudes conspired, but there’s no proof so it’s only a theory but like History is a fucking lie, Jim. The things that we’re told and how they happened, why they happen and who they happen to, it’s all bullshit. So when I’m doing these episodes, I’m just retelling or recontextualizing historical facts through the lens of somebody who listens to my show, like someone who is over inquisitive, who is untrusting of- what’s considered mainstream sources. Somebody who wants to, like, examine facts or examined commonly held truths from a different perspective. Because it’s always good to question where you’re getting your information and why that information is the accepted version of events. Because like, you know, we all know that the Vietnam War was a bunch of bullshit. But at the time, everyone was like, yeah, let’s fucking do it. Do you know? And looking back on it, with the gift of hindsight, we can see that we were you know, Americans were bamboozled into it. It was a bad idea. It was to make bell helicopter and companies like it, Halliburton and etc. At Monsanto even making the fucking chemical warfare like… that war was created for business to get America out of out of a slipping, slipping economy after the post personal World War boom. And then in the 90s America goes to war in Iraq and people don’t realize like straight away all this is history repeating itself like this the same shit. The same fucking, you know, a woman crying in-crying in some courtroom saying like they took the babies out of the incubator. Is it true to underground jumping up and down.. Like it’s all it’s all bullshit, you know? So like conspiracy theory is not just JFK. It’s an-a reexamination of history, reexamination of culture and how we view things and conspiracy theory has come to, like such a mainstream point now.

That like everything that happens, could be considered part of the conspiracy. There’s a war-as Alex Jones says there’s a war on for your mind. And they have the weapons of the mainstream media, the music industry, the film industry, Hollywood, all of those Talking Heads. They have regulatory bodies, like the FCC, the FTC. They own all the companies that manage all the data like alphabet, Google. They’re, they’re a Facebook, like Twitter, they own all of those companies. They’re able to control the information. They’re able to control the distribution and the rules around creation and dissemination of a message that they own YouTube. And people who don’t follow suit are being booted out, like we’re more in a-an Orwellian dystopia now than we were like any other time in human history even during times of like oligarchical…
What-what are these guys, these fucking dictators? The most loonies and the Hitler’s, like they had control over the people but they don’t have anything like control that people are under now. Like they didn’t have the technology. N-now, you’re owned. You’re owned, like not, not just like your labor, true taxes are your, your freedom of movement through you know your religion or your ethnicity or your nationality like they own your fucking thoughts. They own your wants and dreams and desires. Like they give you, they implant the things that they want you to think and feel. And then you take action and the action you take benefits them monetarily like it’s a… It’s fucking crazy how deeply controlled people are now. And at the same time, the world has never been more informed about these systems of control the likes of Edward Snowden coming in 2011 going like, all your phones are fucking CIA listening devices that are turned on all the time. And people are still amazed when they open up Instagram, like, Oh my god, I’m just thinking about that. And it’s shown up as an ad on Instagram. Oh my God, because they’re fucking listening. That’s why-

Jim Malliard 12:37
We’re talking about-Oh, yeah, I’ve done that. Just talking about random things just to see how long it takes to get the ad about it.

Gordon Rochford 12:44
Just pushing the algorithm testament man. So like, conspiracy theory now is so mainstream, that shit is happening day by day, do you know? Every time we turn on the news, Nancy Pelosi is after a range a some other thing to get Trump you know. Anything the man does it’s the next world war. You know anytime there’s a fucking bit of rain or-or some-some bush goes on fire, the plaster graduate Tom Berg all over-the world is going on fire and it’s it’s like it’s like it’s not wholly true. It’s all using-using them in like a manipulation system that everyone has bought into because they like sharing pictures of their food and their kids and pets and shit. So I think now more than ever to be fueled with the information of history to be fueled to be, to be supported by the analytical and critical thinking skills that examine history with a different perspective will give you looking back on what has happened and being able to examine it properly. To see it for what it is will give you the power to be able to navigate through the modern cultural, you know, mire that’s out there now, which is like a lot of fucking, a lot of propaganda, a lot of Mind Control stuff, a lot of lies a lot of deceit, and it’s all very obvious. But if you can’t, if you don’t have the tools to see it, you’re just gonna go along with it because, you know, usual fear and apprehension about being excluded from society and all these other things, you know? So conspiracy now and conspiracy then are not different. It’s just we’re living our shit now. It’s easier to look back on stuff like JFK to answer your question sensically. JFK is easy to look back on, because everyone’s taken it apart but conspiracy happening right now, there are people online like there are people on like to YouTube and bit chute, gab and mines that are looking at an event happening right now like today, yesterday and they make a video about it today and they’re telling you stuff and you’re like, I don’t know if I can trust that a hundred percent. Like-it just happened yesterday. Like he looked back on JFK at 70 odd years ago, and he know for shizzle for sure, that that lad didn’t shoot him. But there’s loads of evidence and other storm in the movie in the 90s like, it’s fucking- you know the books and books and docs and you know, like, websites like whole fucking documentaries have been made about it. But the shit happening like with Trump’s impeachment and Nancy Pelosi and all this kind of stuff that’s like super shady, like Joe Biden and Ukraine and all this crap, it’s all conspiracy theories like the Russi- the Russia probe and Mueller Report and all this. Like, that’s all a mad conspiracy theory. But we won’t be able to look at a property for another while to look back an go Ah. But there are people who have those skills that are analyzing and telling people now. But-but the majority people aren’t listening because it’s like, it’s too soon, you know?

Jim Malliard 15:47
Yeah, I was just wondering, because as I’m sitting here, you know, we’re talking about well, we’ll say the Trump mess.

Gordon Rochford 15:52

Jim Malliard 15:53
I mean, there’s, I’m trying to wrap my arms around, I can’t get my arms around this big mess that it is right now. But-

Gordon Rochford 16:00

Jim Malliard 16:01
With so many people reacting to that now, but I just imagine in 10 years, somebody’s going-wanting to go back and go through that. There’s so much content from either side right now.

Gordon Rochford 16:10
Oh, amazing amount. And it’s all on video. And it’s all written down. It’s all you know. Like, if you were to go back and look at what George W. Bush did, with, you know, Osama Bin Laden and going to Afghanistan. Yeah, heading over there. We got it. Like, George W., started the war for oil. And it’s kind of a revenge for his dad to get kicked out of Iraq. Start to the war in Afghanistan, apparently to get Osama bin Laden and they’re still there. You know, 20 years later garden, the fuckin poppy field, so that they can harvest his heroin safely and bring it into America and use the money that they get from that to fund black operations in other countries. And like we had guys like Gary Webb, in the 80s and 90s, blowing the whistle on the Nicaragua-Iran contra situation, which I’ll be doing an episode on next season. Do you know, and they made a fuckin Tom Cruise movie over called American Made. And it’s like, oh, this is a big laugh. Come on, we watched Season Two of Narcos and pretend like it’s all just a fucking TV show, when everything in those TV shows actually happened, and probably 40 times worse, because it was lads getting chopped up to little bits, do you know, over drugs.

Jim Malliard 17:25
Yeah, I learned a long time ago. The truth is trickstr-stranger than fiction.

Gordon Rochford 17:31
Well, absolutely.

Jim Malliard 17:32
I wholeheartedly believe that.

Gordon Rochford 17:34
But like, we did an episode on that-the war on drugs. And we talked a little bit about, you know, this pipeline that was coming up from South America. And, you know, the CIA were giving guns to agents outside of government control to give to Nicaraguan rebels, because we’re fighting against the communist government. But instead of giving it to them, they gave the guns to the fuckin bandits in Colombia in exchange for coke and then they brought the coke, back into the, into the country and gave it to loads of black people to turn into crack so that they’ll all get addicted to crack and send all the black people to jail. Because the end goal was to be able to have like an incarcerated public to do slave labor, which is allowed under the 13th amendment to the Constitution, that if, you know slavery is abolished, but, you know, if you’re-if you’re a felon, then it’s kind of not. And it just made like, the quintessential black drug in the worst parts of black America. They made it super plentiful and super cheap. So everyone got-and then they changed the laws to go with your car- Well, one no go to crack you get 15 years mandatory, like it’s like mandatory minimum sentencing. So they’re just like, do you know what I mean, it’s a crazy system that when you put it out like that, and that’s from 40 years ago, that that shit was going on. And then when George Bush did in Afghanistan, everyone was like, ‘Yeah, let’s go to war.’ So do you not remember 20 years ago, when Gary Webb got fucking killed for this shit? Like he blew the whistle on all this. Everyone-It was called the Iran Contra affair. It was fucking-sorry to curse all the time, but it was fucking-

Jim Malliard 19:06
Oh you’re fine. You’re allowed. It’s my show go for it. Knock yourself out.

Gordon Rochford 19:11
Fuck it! It was hearings like Senate, you know, oversight committees and all sorts of Senate hearings and all this kind of stuff. Trying to find out what happened how-why-how does he earn enough money to get to give, to give, to buy guns to give to fuckin cook-Nicaraguan anti-communist rebels fighters? Like this is Bay of Pigs shit, like, this is like, they’ve already done that before 20 years before they tried again, got caught. And then George W. Bush did it. And, you know, seemingly, like didn’t complete the task. But even though he’s like ‘mission accomplished!’, you’re like it’s not George. It’s not accomplished, because there’s still a war going on there. There’s still, you know, getting sent to Afghanistan to mine poppy field so that’s gonna have heroin. And then he goes on Jimmy Kimmel is like ‘hey, Jimmy, for the last week here. Thank you. Thanks for-Thanks for having me on your show.’ You’re like this-this cunt is a fucking war criminal. And everyone’s like, ‘Oh, good old uncle Georgie.’ You’re like ‘no man. He looks old. He looks like the fuckin-the kid off the front of Mad Magazine grew old’. Sure. But he’s a war criminal. Him and Tony Blair made up shit about weapons of mass destruction to get-to get people over there. So like, hindsight will be the greatest gift humanity ever has, but it might be too late. When they look back on in 20 years about what happened now, the shit that’s going on, going on and will go on in Iran, Syria, Russia, you know the election, carry on in 2016 like, I can’t believe out of that whole thing, that Hillary Clinton didn’t get any kind of slap on the wrist for bumping Bernie out. And that was a totally like provable thing. Nobody was ever talking about like when George Bush fucked Al Gore up the arse in Florida in 2001 for that-for that presidential race. Like Al Gore won in Florida and then they recounted and recounted and his, his brother, Jeb Bush was the governor in Florida and just like just keep recounting til George wins. And that’s how he got the presidency. And then like, you know, nine months later 9/11 happened. And it was like right off to war we go, come on. We’re all of his daddy’s buddies all made billions of dollars, because they all own own, you know, companies that deal in war. Like when you look back on it, you’re like, how could we? How could we have seen not seen that? Like, how can we let that happen? And yet, it’s happening again, all around us. And everyone’s going like, Yay, Nancy Pelosi, like, this is fucking..this is shit. It’ll be in some weird Netflix documentary in like 10 years time. And Meryl Streep will be playing Nancy Pelosi, when she’s like, when she looks like a fuckin desiccated scrotum. Do you know it’s-it’s so it’s so weird that people aren’t seeing it as it’s happening but there’s conspiracy people out there man. They’re on there online and they are on it like on it like a car bonnet. Like these motherfuckers are tied to the wall with the info with the skills, the analytical skills, digging, finding stuff and them 4chan boys are fucking internet ninjas. Like they’re the fine shit that you’d never find doing like Freedom of Information Act requests and final files and passing shit amongst each other, whistleblowers trolling, you know zip drives and all this kind of shit like it’s-it’s happening all around us and technologies fast enough to keep up with all that stuff. We will look back on it 10 years in our hologram phones and be like ‘how did we not see that shit?’ like…

Jim Malliard 22:49
The iPhone 112?

Gordon Rochford 22:52
Yeah, the one that they inject right into your eyeball.

Jim Malliard 22:55
I think we’re getting there though. You joke about objecting, I’m thinking we’re closer to that than we…we’re realizing.

Gordon Rochford 23:02
Oh, absolutely, man. But sure Boston Dynamics have created the dogs that were just a fictional episode of Black Mirror not like two years ago or three years ago. Boston, Boston Dynamics were like, Yeah, that’d be cool thing to make. Let’s just make like a totally sentient AI robot dog that can like, do you know, go into dangerous situations and defuse bombs and, you know, kill terrorists.

Jim Malliard 23:32
MacGyver dogs. This this is what the world needs.

Gordon Rochford 23:34
The imagination and reality are never as close as they are today.

Jim Malliard 23:41
Whatever happened to the Google Glass? Remember, that was the big thing there for like a split second? Like they’re gonna have everything accessible via your phone, like-like on your glasses, so you could see it.

Gordon Rochford 23:54
Came in at a weird price point. And it came in before developers were able to fully utilize its technology. So it was just, it was just a nice pie baked too soon. Also, I think, at the time, which is 2009 I think it was-

Jim Malliard 24:11
Yeah, Somewhere in there. Yeah.

Gordon Rochford 24:13
At the time you’re, you’re in a worldwide recession. But they had been developing that shit for like 10 years. And the AI technology and the voice control technology like the-what is it for Google? Bixby? I think is their Siri or Alexa. So their Bixby technology hadn’t been properly invented yet. But even even like they had really good voice tech. I think it was just a thing of like, people just felt insecure about having like a wearable tech. If there was a camera in this, that they couldn’t look at on anyone’s tits without getting caught, so they were just like, ooh, you know, like, careful now. I’m not gonna I’m not gonna trade in my tis-ogling privacy, just to be able to get the directions to, you know, Taco Bell or whatever. But now I think the public are poised in a much more, I think cooperative position to have these wearables things or how these trackers like sure fucks sake, your phone has the trackers turned on all the time. People are wearing these Apple watches and it’s like, with GPS in them so if-even if you leave your phone at home, you still, you’re still wearing a watch. From like an 80s movie that the fella talking to, like, exterminate the bomb, like or whatever, you know, it’s all fucking sci fi shit. People are wearing Apple Watches now. That if you-if you posted that back in 1980 it’d change humanity. And we’re just like Aye, yeah, it’s just a watch. You can-you can-you can do the dishes, and then you don’t have to worry about it getting wet. What the fuck? Do you know? So if we’re really, really advanced Google Glass come out now, at the right price, I think people would, people would jump at it.

Jim Malliard 25:56
I don’t think-I was just going to say, I don’t think we have a choice now. Right? I think we’re there. I think people would be on board.

Gordon Rochford 26:03
There are some companies that have like, you know, the headphones built into the arms of the glass-I’m an eyeglasses wearer so I-you know, I keep an eye out on this thing. And you can get prescription lenses put into these frames. And then the frame has a laser, a laser, I don’t want you to call it…a projector? And it projects this kind of floating thing in front, you know, it’s not like full, you know, GPS maps or whatever. It’s kind of like a red and a red and blue and green thing, but it’s decent looking. I see loads of ads for it. There’s loads of Kickstarter and Indiegogos and all these people trying to do these projectors, but to have the earphones that are like bone, bone transmitting, or whatever. You put them on your ears and it sends the sound into your skull. So I’m like, okay, the radiation and that may not be too bad. If it means that I can like cycle my bike and still be able to listen to music and not have earphones in. But again, it’s down to society… slowly being cajoled into cooperation. Do you know, they’re going like you had b-Do you like that word? They’re being, they’re being enticed into giving up their personal information and their personal liberty and personal freedom in exchange for a service that’s free. So like, you know, I don’t know if it’s still going on, I think it got it got axed. But there was a service called Google Now. And it meant that like, it would watch your, your, your daily movements, watch where the phone would go. You link up your bank account and all this kind of stuff. And then it would give you It would give you alerts. So if you’re in the bed and you have your alarm set for seven, but there was extra traffic on the road, on your usual route, Google Now would wake you up like 20 minutes earlier and go like ‘Good morning, Jim. Your usual route to work has an extraordinary amount of traffic today. So you’ll need a 20 minute head start, so I’ve gone ahead and woken you up early. Hope you don’t mind, Jim.’ And you’re like ‘deadly!’ Then on the way, it’s like, boom. ‘Starbucks have now started their pumpkin spice latte season. You usually get a coffee at this time, Jim. Why not swing by on your way to work? Rerouting.’ You know? And it was doing that shit for, like six years ago. Now we don’t know what that, what that technology has done but people are going to be like, Oh, yeah, watch me all the time. Like some kind of weird str-

Jim Malliard 28:36
Yeah but-but-Except here’s, here’s the thing about that, right? You’re saying it’s 5,6,7 years old, right? So it’s already been out there, right? We’ve all had this ‘holy shit!’ moment. Like, you know, they know us too well, right. And they kind of put it back, back in their drawer. And now in five years when they bring it back out, they’ll be like, ‘Oh, hey, I thought we’ve been doing that for a long time.’

Gordon Rochford 28:57
Yes, absolutely. If I didn’t know better, Jim, and this is like the double down conspiracy, if I didn’t know better, I’d say Edward Snowden was a fake. And it was all just a massive marketing campaign just to test to see how much people would actually care that the CIA is listening to everything we do. They’re like, ‘Ah, fuck it’.

Jim Malliard 29:16
Now how do they care about me.

Gordon Rochford 29:18
Yeah, they just have some weird folder of you like, you know, from your webcam of like, pulling weird faces while you’re jerking off like do you know what I mean? Like

Jim Malliard 29:32
Yeah he, he talks about conspiracies but he’s harmless. That’s okay.

Gordon Rochford 29:34
Yeah. Like he-What does he joke-he jerks off to like, big beautiful women or whatever like face sitting. Sure. Like if it was something weird, like if you were like a, you know, a Southern Baptist minister, and you were like ‘them, homosexuals will burn in hell for their transgressions against humanity.’ And then the next thing you’re at home, and you’re fucking pulling your dick off to like two young teens spit roastin, like a guy that looks like the drummer from the Foo Fighters. You’re like, oh yeah, get em, get em good you know? And if they get you on that, and then they send you an email and they go, You have to stop doing-or you have to do this or else we’re going to leak your your shit because, you know, like how many dudes in the last year have been caught? These like Republican senators and congressmen who are completely anti gay and anti LGBT everything, you know, they’re-they’re publicly exposing their disdain for the gay community. And then the next thing you find out is like, you know, Senator Williams from Kentucky was being fellated by two 19 year old twin men this Sunday after church more at nine. And now Tom with the weather and you’re like what the fuck? That was the guy who was like, we should explode all gays and he’s getting fucking blowjob sandwiched by two twin gay Brazilian lads at the public Jack’s like that, that’s happened about 40 times this year.

Jim Malliard 31:06
Yeah, it is remarkable. It doesn’t even move the radar in my book anymore. It’s like, Oh, yeah, of course. Like, just another just. Yeah, I’m not surprised. I don’t know what to take to surprise me anymore. That’s the hard part.

Gordon Rochford 31:18
And I think that’s part of the game too, man. We’re just getting burnt out with crazy shit. Like there was post on there recently about like, what was it, wasn’t like Pew, I can’t remember the name of it, the company that did the research. But it was like if Trump did this, would you be surprised or offended? If Trump like shot somebody-

Jim Malliard 31:42
Well that was even his claim-claim during the campaign. He could go out on the street and shoot somebody and his ratings would go up.

Gordon Rochford 31:48
Like it depends on who he shot, but yeah. He-He claims to be the real-the real shooter of Tupac Shakur or something and I was like whoa and the volt loads from-But like, it’s-it’s so crazy that it’s getting so extreme there’s so much mad shit going on that people just get desensitized to it. And at this point, we’re nearly-were three and a half years into-into orange man bad. And I think people are burned out. Like they’re hearing all this crazy news and they’re just like, well, I don’t care anymore.

Jim Malliard 32:24
But okay, so I’m gonna-I’m gonna-I’m gonna put you right on the-right here in January of 2020. So we’ve you know, the election is still what, 10 months-10 months away or whatever?

Gordon Rochford 32:34

Jim Malliard 32:35
Will anybody even muster a solid-make an interesting campaign against him? Or are we just-are we just stuck with another four years of that?

Gordon Rochford 32:45
I was on the podcast in November. I just had this sneaky suspicion that Joe Biden was going to bounce because of this Ukraine thing and because of a couple of weird-Did you see that speech he did?

Jim Malliard 33:01
Yeah. There are other-I’ve seen some weird clips of him lately.

Gordon Rochford 33:04
Weird man. Some of them are weird. Like he has a, he has this one speech where he’s talking to like this black community at some I guess-I guess like leisure-leisure center or something, sports enters-just like ‘I remember when I was a young man, and I’d work at the pool and I had the black children swimming in the pool and coming over and playing with the hair on my legs and sitting up on my lap. Cockroaches, I think I called them.’ Like that’s an actual sentence from Joe Biden, and it’s like, what?! You had black children play with the hair on your legs and called them cockroaches? This is fucking weird Joe, like you strip-

Jim Malliard 33:42
And why are you bringing it up? What’s the gain for this thing?

Gordon Rochford 33:47
He’s just trying to fucking ingratiate himself to the to the people. It’s just like, it’s kind of like Prince Philip, you know, like the Queen’s husband. Who’s just like he’s sick, crazy racist, stuff like that. Do you know, the comedian, Lenny Henry could be over and he’s like, ‘Oh, he’s-he’s very dark. Very dark.’ Like you know, like he can’t fucking comment on the-on the-on the darkness of a black man’s skin. Especially not in front of him when he shaking hands with the Queen and so-You know what I mean? It’s fucking weird shit like you come out with so like Joe Biden’s kind of like that where he just say whatever and everyone’s going like, like drawing their fingers over their necks like going ‘Joe, Joe. Like, stop,stop cut the mic’. He’s a fucking he’s a nutcase like, also he’s a mad creep. Like there’s video compilations of him, pulling them back the hair on like 12 year old girls necks and like, you know, whispering sweet nothings in their ear and giving them little kisses and making them har-He’s like, there was one compilation where it was like loads of-loads of newly-newly appointed senators were coming into the white house when he was the vice president and he was welcoming them all in and they all had daughters. He’d get the daughters to stand in front of him, and then he had his hands on the shoulders and be given her little massage on her shoulders and pull them back or tucking her hair behind her ears from behind and whispering in her ear. It’s fucking shit you see at a teenage disco of some young lad that doesn’t really know what, like, physical boundaries are. But he’s just like so sexually delighted to be touching somebody that he’s just like, ‘I don’t know want to do I just touch her all over and see what happens.’ It’s-It was really weird. And then the whole Ukraine thing blew up. So I predicted in November that Joe’ll bounce, and Hillary will come in and take his take his ticket.

Jim Malliard 35:32
Oh, you stole-He stole my thunder. I’ve been telling GermanTownRunner who listens to the show often, that Hillary is gonna be at the convention. No matter how, no matter how far-how far Joe Biden pushes us out. She’s gonna be at the convention and we’re in for one awesome night. That’s my-that’s what I’m hoping for. One. Like dynamite, like she stands up and walks up on the stage and says ‘I’m in! You’ve missed me.’

Gordon Rochford 36:01
This season against all odds, she’s back. The bitch is back. And she’ll have Elton John like doing the musical interlude and the flying piano and she’ll come in like, this February, welcome back to the-to the octagon, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Like it’s, it’s-I thought she was definitely gonna do it. She was doing this book tour and she’s on all these chat shows and all and her and Chelsea were out. Like, they were on Trevor Noah. And Trevor Noah even goes like, I saw Hillary, you think that the Jeffrey Epstein killed himself. People are saying online that that you did it. And she just starts into this maniacal laughter. You can get that clip, like put it into the description of the show because it’s a fucking bizarre, bizarre clip. And Chelsea starts to maniacally laugh and then Hillary does. And then and then she just answers that by going like, ‘sometimes people just die you know?’And it just so happens that like that happened to almost 50 of her and Bills, you know, close personal friends, business partners and acquaintances. You know, ‘it’s time to pay the bill. If you can’t you can’t cross the Clintons, Jim and not expect some kind of retaliation.’ So they fucking got him, you know. And Hillary Clinton is on all these shows, like laughing about it, and you’re like this is the world is accusing you of killing Jeffrey Epstein because he has information pertaining to your procurement of children for sexual gratification or for drinking their blood filled with adrenaline. And you’re laughed about it on Trevor Noah, instead of like having some kind of solemnity or some kind of you know, it’s it’s just it’s just beyond the mean. It’s just far beyond the mean and like, it’s so-it’s so unreal, right? But I thought that from last time. She burned out. She was burned out to fuck by the campaigning and the constant travel and she didn’t even go to like Ohio or like that the campaign because she was to-

Jim Malliard 38:07
Well, timeout nobody wants to go to Ohio anyways.

Gordon Rochford 38:10
That-Is that not-

Jim Malliard 38:11
Spoken like a true Pennsylvanian.

Gordon Rochford 38:16
Fuck Ohio says Jim Malliard. Official quotes.

Jim Malliard 38:22
No but it’s-

Gordon Rochford 38:23
Brown-Browns suck says Jim Malliard.

Jim Malliard 38:26
These people don’t have to go anywhere. We got Facebook Live. They can be everywhere all the time.

Gordon Rochford 38:30
Yeah but doing these rallies and shit like and fudging numbers and you know all this, all the kind of electoral shenanigans getting Bernie kicked out, like all that stuff, took it out of her. Shoot, her voice was going. She was coughing the whole time. People were like ‘what the fuck is wrong with her’. And then at the at the 911 commemoration she did a Weekend at Bernie’s and started collapsing and she was walking around like a new barn foal. Her knees wouldn’t bend and then the Secret Service had to bundle her into a van and then four hour or two hours later, some like sprightly woman looking suspiciously similar to Hillary Clinton that they claimed was Hillary Clinton but was actually definitely a body double, sprung out of Chelsea, Chelsea Clinton’s New York apartment and was dancing up the street. As like, ‘I’m okay. I had a nap. I’m fine.’ And it was a part-some-she has like some kind of extreme myopia. Was the-what was the excuse? That she wasn’t wearing the proper glasses, so she’s getting this headache, but it was making her faint. So she went in and got her super, super duper strong milk bottle glasses that fixes her myopia. And she didn’t have a headache anymore. She was totally fine. But it took it out of her, the election cycle took it out for-in 2016. And I think she’s gonna start late so that she’d have a nice like 10 month run up. I don’t know if this all could be moved because the deadline for application might be over. But I do think Bernie has-has a serious chance and Andrew Yang with his free money stunts that he’s going on with now. He has 12 families that are getting $1,000 a month since, since September, and in this tember 2020 he’s going to have all those families on-

Jim Malliard 40:16
My votes for sale. Whoops. Did I say that? It’s not for sale. It could be-I could be swung. I could be persuaded.

Gordon Rochford 40:25
I mean-

Jim Malliard 40:27
Benjamin Fra-Benjamin Franklin is still a great campaigner.

Gordon Rochford 40:35
Like Andrew Yang has a lot of support. His money numbers show that he’s got a lot of people out there that love him a lot. And Bernie’s getting all the celebrity endorsements like they’re not going to let it slip through. But he already has priors man. He’s got-he had a heart attack, like not so long ago. So it wouldn’t be-it wouldn’t be beyond the realm of possibility for Bernie to go as the main and Hillary to go as his vice president.

Jim Malliard 41:03
No, there’s not a shot in the world that Clinton would accept the vice anything.

Gordon Rochford 41:07
Yeah, but then when Bernie has a heart attack six months into his office, then she gets to be the Lyndon B. Johnson and swoop in and take all the glory. Because Bernie is the only one I think that has the power to mobilize the people enough to vote for him instead of Trump. Because there’s still an awful lot of people who like Donald Trump and what he’s doing, and what he’s doing for the country, lowest black unemployment, lowest Hispanic unemployment, lowest female unemployment, in history. Shit’s booming. Two years ago, the excuse was, it was just kind of the-the positive economic hangover from Obama’s administration leaking into Trump’s, making it look like Donald was doing stuff. Well three years later now like you can’t really keep taking credit when you’re out of the White House for three years.

Jim Malliard 41:53
Well I could take credit for anything. Oh, wait, that’s not what your talking…

Gordon Rochford 41:58
But like, you know what? What does Barack-he-he and Michelle are starting a podcast now. So they’re about to be in the big money. You know, like us, Jim.

Jim Malliard 42:05
Yep. Big money.

Gordon Rochford 42:07

Jim Malliard 42:08
10s of dollars as I told somebody the other day.

Gordon Rochford 42:10
Can you imagine? ‘Welcome…to the podcast… This episode…of Barack and Michelle…is brought to you by…B-Blue Apron.
Blue Apron is a…food delivery company that-‘Can imagine that shit? He’s doing, gonna be doing ad reads. He’s gonna be like, ‘get your audible subscription…use the code…Barack’, like, fuck is going on a former president has a podcast now. Like, this is a weird version of the simulation. Man. This is fucking weird. Like,

Jim Malliard 42:49
Yeah, what’s up with people starting podcasts? They need to learn just to come on other people’s shows, like 90% less work. All the-Right?

Gordon Rochford 42:56
Stop making new podcasts. Jim Malliard you can quote that.

Jim Malliard 43:10
Okay, so well watch, between now when this show airs in a few hours, there’ll have been 200,000 new ones.

Gordon Rochford 43:19
Yeah, Those Conspiracy Guys is number 54. It’s number seven in the charts in the UK today. Pretty happy but…

Jim Malliard 43:27
I was gonna say, that’d make-that make me happy. Speaking of the UK, I gotta get your opinion about this, because you’re my International-Well, my UK correspondent. That’s why I bring you on every so often.

Gordon Rochford 43:36
Let’s, let’s do that then. Hang on a second. ‘Hello, Jim Malliard. This is Gordon here from Ireland. You’re a-your European correspondent about the-, anything to do with the side of the water. Go ahead, Jim.’

Jim Malliard 43:47
I want to know about the-Harry and Meghan.

Gordon Rochford 43:51
‘I think you were going to ask about the Royal Family alright and don’t ask about it, Jim, *Skype noise* proper punishment and I refuse to read anything about the dirty Brits,’ It’s my religion.

Jim Malliard 44:04
That’s the interesting that’s it’s gotta be interesting though, even even though you don’t worry anything about it, it’s just gotta be-

Gordon Rochford 44:09
Like, it’s everywhere here at the fucking-the newspaper, The New-like the TV. It’s everywhere. Do you know? Because they don’t know-

Jim Malliard 44:19
It’s like Trump here. Like, it’s gotta be insane both ways, right? How can he do that and good for them, good for them.

Gordon Rochford 44:27
They’re calling it Megxit. Who’s come up with that is very clever.

Jim Malliard 44:32
That’s just-that’s just how you throw that out. Just throw an -xit on the end of anything.

Gordon Rochford 44:37
Yeah, that’s it. That’s what it is now. And yeah, I mean, like,
Look it, the royal family is on-on-on their heels. They’re in dire straits. And the second oldest son basically has been lamped for having sex with at least one 16 year old, it’s not a bunch. While being best mates with arguably one of the most prolific, you know, pedophile procurers, and-and pedophiles. Let’s call a spade a spade since Jimmy Savile like Jeffrey Epstein and then he goes and does a TV interview and absolutely shits the bed. When he’s asked like ‘So, Prince Andrew, um this lady apparently has said that you you dance with her in a whats a little… spanks, I think it’s name, Spanks nightclub, but Trump-Trump’s nightclub in London. She remembers distinctly you dancing with her and sweating all over her, sweating profusely’. And Prince Andrew goes ‘w-well actually there’s a-there’s a- there’s a problem’. And he’s laughing, being accused of being a fucking child rapist. ‘There’s a-there’s a problem with that actually, because I-I-I suffer from a very peculiar medical condition in-in-in which I-I don’t sweat.’ And you’re one who’s interviewing from the BBC is like, Fuck off. You fucking ser-you don’t sweat. Fuck off man. He’s like ‘Y-yes. Ever since the Falklands War…a large explosion was what-what I would call an overdose of adrenaline. It meant like I couldn’t, well at that time. I mean, at least, I couldn’t sweat.’ Which is like so the reason you’re saying to the 16 year old claims that you were sweating under in a nightclub that that night there’s a picture taken of you in the upstairs of an apartment of Galen Maxwell, who is the right hand woman to the now-deceased Jeffrey Epstein, who you definitely were seen multiple times with, who you consider a close friend. And you were in a picture with the woman who’s accusing you. She looks very young. And Glenn Maxwell is in there and you deny ever meeting her. You deny all this stuff and then just-just to hit the nail on the head, just to be like, and I definitely know it’s not true, because actually I can’t sweat. So her testimony is entirely false. Like that is fucking bananas. That is a bananas statement to make to like a globally watched BBC televised BBC interview. Like he knew that the world will be watching that. And in five or six days later, the BBC panorama released the documentary that she, that-that the Victoria Roberts that the victim made with the BBC. So obviously like, coming in this the BBC, show the royal family, the queen is like, ‘Oh one cannot condone the broadcasting of this documentary until such time as Andrew’s had a time to-had a chance to rebut some of the allegations made against him.’ So Andrew wasn’t and doesn’t, doesn’t interview. His PR people, his-all the people around him really ‘don’t fucking do it’. His main PR guy quits just before he goes and does the interview. And then like a few weeks after he does the interview, his personal secretary which basically like is like, main butler, like he’s like, he’s Alfred to Prince Andrews Batman, he’s with him at all times. He’s his right hand man, fucking wipes his arse from-that guy. He’s like, I got to go and I’m out. The Queen bans him from being his escort. He was-he was her escort everywhere since Prince Philip was sick. She’s like, I don’t want to fucking be seen with you. And now, last week, maybe 10 days ago, the Royal Family announced the cutting of funds and the cutting of the security detail around Prince Andrew. They’re like, you’re not getting any security guards. Because when we kill you in a tunnel in France, there’s gonna be no com-coming to see it. You’re fucking dead, son. And Prince Harry and Meghan are probably looking at all that shit coming down, listening to what people are saying around the palace. Meghan is getting a whole lot of-apparently a whole lot of abuse online. They think the whole country hates her. Harry isn’t even the son of Prince Philip. So he’s not even royalty. He’s, uh, allegedly the bastard child of James Hewitt, who was Princess Diana’s lover in the 80s, because she cheated on Charles with-apparently when we’re still married. So he’s not even family. So they’re kicking up a stink and he’s like, he did an interview there where he’s like, ‘The things that happened to my mother…
I’m just looking at for the safety of my family. And as I have a family and a wife and a child, I’m looking out for their safety.’ And he also said if he knew the things that I know, you’d do the same thing. Like that’s verbatim what he says. And then he’s like ‘if you knew the things that I know about what happened to my mother, you’d be packing up your bags and moving to America as well.’ Because fucking Lizzie don’t play. You wake up in the morning dead. Do you know?

Jim Malliard 50:21
It’s crazyness, isn’t it? It’s fun though. I mean, I don’t want to say it’s fun to watch but it’s a good distraction from watching what we watch all the time. It’s like oh, at least-at least we’re not the only messed up fuckers.

Gordon Rochford 50:34
It’s a frivolity and I think, like the English really love the Royal Family for the most part. I mean, it’s part of the national identity. You know, the other one does a fuckin speech every Christmas day and it’s the most watched thing in the country. It’s-it’s-it’s a bizarre phenomenon. I don’t know. Are the people in Spain like that about their royalty? Are the people in Denmark like that about their royalty? It’s such a, it’s such a like a days of our lives. Like drama level, crazy town where people are getting divorces and you know, like, like all the all the Royal kids have all had divorces. And it’s been like such a shit show for the last like 40 years. And it’s been like, I think back to the Plantagenets. But the Tudors. It’s been like a seven or 800 year dynasty of the same family all the way through the winds are starting to think in the late 1700s, which is the modern iteration of the royal family. But it goes all the way back to these like, you know, King Henry VIII and all of these lads, It’s the same family line all the way through. And, and there’s always been something going on, but now it’s everywhere. It’s on every paper. It’s on every social media site, like the informations there at your fingertips and people want it. But they forget that it’s like, oh yeah, this isn’t love Island. This is not like Big Brother. This is like the fucking royal family of England.

Jim Malliard 52:01
It’s even better.

Gordon Rochford 52:02
I think Harry’s just fucked off with all this shit, man. I think he’s just like, Well, me-me-Me granddad looks like the fuckin crypt keeper and he’s dying really slow and he’s 96 and since Jeffrey Epstein has killed himself, they’re not able to get any more babies blood laced with adrenaline to the palace. So he’s doing a Benjamin Button and he’s slowly dying on it. And he’s like, my uncle Andrew did a fucking interview. Because his best mate and one of the most prolific pedophiles as well time killed himself. I mean, we-they don’t like my wife. My wife wants to go against royal-What would you call it? Royal convention. And the Queen’s like, ‘no one does not appreciate that Meghan’. And Meghan is like, ‘fuck all y’all. Going back to America’. So they just go to America. Like Harry said, he’s going to give up all of his money, all of his titles, all of his lands, he’s just like, I’m out. I’m going to do my own thing. write a book or fucking do you know? Like that was a guy-like Harry went to serve in the army. So he was serving-he was serving for King and Country, or as he calls it for grandmother and country. And he wants nothing to do with anybody there. He was just doing these little business, you know, going on patrol and doing what a normal army guy does. And then when he came home, he had all this fuckin shit to deal with like. So I think with Brexit and stuff like that the national identity of British people will definitely lean back into the royal family and kind of go back to traditional British values to try and you know, reform their identity, never to be part of the European or the won’t be part of the European Union. I think the royal family have something to say about that. I don’t know if Charles is allowed to be the king after the Queen dies, I think because he married a divorcee. I think royal convention forbids him. So William is the next king. And like, will William advocate? Will royal family dissolve? If these-if these motherfuckers are bailing out. Like if Harry’s like, no chance me being king, I’m out. Good luck. You can have all your fucking stuff. Like that’s a huge move. That’s a real vote of no confidence in the structure and security of what was once the greatest Empire in the world, not 200 years ago. And so yeah, Harry and Meghan leave and is it
a huge, ominous foreboding for what’s going to happen with the royal family?

Jim Malliard 54:43
So we’ve got about five minutes left. So I’ve got a give-. I’ve got to give you the opportunity. Because I know people know you but for those people who are hearing you first for the first time tonight, where can people find your show and all that fun stuff?

Gordon Rochford 54:57
We’re on everything. So like any social media come find ‘Those Conspiracy Guys’. I’ve got a new TikTok I’m trying to get on with kookiest-with all the cool kids, Jim. A lot of very high potential and I’m going to try to bring like a little kind of a daily informative video like if something happened like a minute long bursts. And into Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and all that kind of crack. We also have a website Thoseconspiracyguys.com that has all the episodes, sort of a bunch of interviews, bunch of live chats there all the subsidiary stuff and then the main meat and meat and potatoes. We’ve got like 5, 6, 7 hour episodes that are huge deep dives into conspiracies of yore and more modern ones. All the way back. Take a part like finance, politics, history, and then some of the weirder ones like aliens and spaceships and bigfoots and celebrity assassinations all that crack. Thoseconspiracyguys.com has all of that, or you can find any podcast app. I took off all the videos off YouTube, Jim, because YouTube can suck a bag of dicks. They’re kicking a lot of people off so I don’t-I have a YouTube channel but there’s nothing on it. I host all my stuff on bit chute, and Vimeo. Yeah, YouTube, were bringing the-the ban hammer down pretty hard so I went nah, fuck it. I’m out. I’m voting with my feet as they say. And then yeah, all the podcast stuff is up there if you want to hear anything ad free, I have a Patreon patreon.com/thoseconspiracyguys. And you can get all the behind the scenes stuff. I have all my old interviews. I do-I’m doing a lot of stage shows like live shows on stage. With interview guests or just on my own walking up and down the planks. And you can get it all them on Patreon as well. Do loads of swap casts, like this show, and I’m planning on loads of live chats in the in the next-coming up in 2020, loads of live chats where we get to talk about current events, modern news using the prism of history as a as a new perspective.

Jim Malliard 57:02
Are you alright? You said prisim not prison. Okay, sorry there was a little-

Gordon Rochford 57:08
Prism of history and yeah so the public can join in on those and if you’re a Patreon you get front row seats guaranteed, you know voice-voice and video access to all that stuff. And we could talk about, you know, stuff as it happens and then you can have free versions of all the other ones so we have a whole True Crime section so we go through like loads of serial killers or case of missing people and you know, really interesting stuff that you may hear in other places, but not ever in the same way. So yeah, there’s a lot there for for anybody who’s into just like weird shit. And also it’s all comedy. You heard from me talking to the show like it’s all the crack.

Jim Malliard 57:47
Yeah, it’s the same you like him tonight. You’re gonna like him on the show. Yes, he is what he is pretty much.

Gordon Rochford 57:52
We have a lot of friends come on. Like they’re all comedians and actors and you know, creators, very funny people. Very interesting people come on, and we do like a roundtable discussion thing. It’s not just me hammering on, you know, we’re going through the facts and we’re trying to analyze it as we go. And then the kind of the key to it is then we, we give our own personal opinions at the end. So, yeah, it’s a journey. It’s a journey. But if you if you’re driving a truck, or if you work a job where you can listen to headphones all day, or even if you’re just at home and you just can’t fucking face the world, you just want to lay in the bed. It’s a great one to pass five, six hours. It goes very quick.

Jim Malliard 58:30
Yeah, I’ve listened to a couple-I-See, I’m quick. I need it now. Give it to me. Give it to me in 15 seconds please!

Gordon Rochford 58:38
Yeah, you have that times too. *quick mimicking*

Jim Malliard 58:42
Yeah I listen to it 15 times the speed. This show is brought to you by what-alf-alphabet company? What?

Gordon Rochford 58:54
Yeah, man, it’s, it’s fun. It’s a really fun show and season eight shaping up to be something… I’ll be really proud of I think. I’ll be doing lots more interviews and talking to the people, we only talk about. So I have a list of people that are coming on in the next couple of months. I’d be live streaming those for all the Patreon folks and then a lot of more true crimes with a with a bunch of really talented comedians and entertainers from-from Ireland and abroad. There’s an upcoming UK tour, so we’ll be doing live shows all around the UK. And loads of other great news like big, big big news really good stuff and like I’m not confirming or denying yet. You’re not getting an exclusive on that one, Jim. But loads of really great news in season eight shall-new studio here. I don’t know if you can hear from the sound but it’s all super sexy and I’m really looking forward to live streaming all of these shows like that fella Joe Rogan, Jim you know that that.

Jim Malliard 59:47
So as we run-I got like 10 seconds left. So I’m gonna fill here and then I’m gonna I got something for you. Thank you for coming on. We’ll do it again. 2023 I guess it is, if the calendar holds true. So looking forward to seeing you then.

Gordon Rochford 59:58
For another nuclear-