Grant Lahaie

Grant Lahaie

Grant Lahaie from

EpicPodQuest is a geeky supernova of blogs, podcasts & YouTube shows for all things popculture, technology and nerd news.

Where did the idea of EpicPodquest get it’s start?

What are some of Grant’s favorite and least favorite things to do for EpicPodquest?

Grant Lahaie discusses other projects that came as a result of EpicPodQuest.

Grant writes the some of the technology articles, what are some of the other blogs on the site?

What are his thoughts on Google Glass?

Grant shares his take on the future of technology.

We learn more about the YouTube show ‘Mad Mixology’ about making alcoholic drinks themed after movies and television shows.

What goes into making a video or audio show?

Grant shares the new shows he has coming up in the future.

Who would be his dream interview?

What’s Grant’s view on paranormal television series and YouTube shows?

Has he had his own paranormal experiences?

You can find Grant Lahaie on Twitter @grantlahaie and @EpicPodQuest and go to the website at

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