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Greg Newkirk


Greg Newkirk

What an excellent week we have this time on “The Malliard Report”, where our host Jim Malliard shows off why his show is in fact the fastest hour in paranormal talk radio. A return to usual form from last weeks episode, we have a very special guest on this week that brings a bit of energy to the normal formula we expect from guests. The Silver Haired fox, Greg Newkirk is this weeks guest to the Malliard Report, and he ends up bringing with him a load of energy and witty banter that makes this week a very special one to remember. For those fans who either don’t know of our guest, or want to get to know Greg Newkirk a little bit more, he’s a paranormal investigator who’s been around the block a few times, who investigates many famous locations as well as expounding on his theories regarding Big Foot and Aliens.

In fact, at the start of the show our guest brings that energy to the show, starting off strong with Jim and setting off the tone and pace of the interview with light hearted, witty banter between both. However, the discussion moves on from there quickly to all of the topics that Jim Malliard wants to ask Greg that include a wide variety of things to talk about. The first part of the discussion revolving around radio, and Jim’s thoughts on Art Bells new show, and what he thinks of it where both our Greg and Jim talk about Bell’s new show, and how they both disagree on their stances. From there though, the discussion ends up moving to several topics that end up becoming the focal point of this weeks show and the most time consuming part of the discussion when Jim asks Greg about his traveling Paranormal Museum, and what he plans to do with it. Naturally, of course Greg mentions that since it’s a Traveling Paranormal Museum, part of the thrill of running it is how it’s always showing up in different locations wherever they’re wanted. One week they’ll be doing a show at a paranormal convention, and another week they’l be in another city somewhere else.

However the discussion goes further than just what pieces of paranormal artifacts that Greg Newkirk has obtained to place within it. Our guest also talks about the particular pieces he’s acquired throughout the years to put in them, ranging from haunted idols, mirrors, knickknacks, and other paraphernalia that were either given to him, or obtained on paranormal investigations. In fact, two particular pieces he talks about revolve around a haunted idol he was given, and a black mirror that was used for seance purposes and how it effects viewers who look upon it.

In fact, long time listeners of the Malliard Report might find these particular stories spooky, yet interesting. Not only were they hair raising, but conversations as well in this weeks show revolve around more than the Traveling Paranormal Museum, as they involve Big Foot, Aliens, Seances, and even Greg Newkirks new website located at for everyone that’s interested in following the adventures of our guest.

Sadly, as all things happen, the show does come to an end. In fact, it comes so abruptly both our host Jim and Greg don’t even have time to bid farewell to each other, showing once more why the Malliard Report is the fastest hour in paranormal talk radio. As usual though fans, stay quacking and tune in next week!