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Pack your bags, because once again The Malliard Report is heading north of the border. This week Jim features fellow podcasters, conspiracy truthers, and fans of the unknown, Grimerica hosts, Darren and Graham as they talk about Sasquatch, UFOs, secret military operations, and much more.

Grimerica features two very unique guests that bring very different approaches to the table when discussing the unknown. Darren or “D-Ron” “…spends a lot of time with his family, but the majority of his free time is spent swearing at computers that don’t generate perfect audio quality, and screaming at his houseplants to grow faster. His skeptical approach to the phenomena investigated on The Grimerica Show is tempered by his libertarian leanings, though this combination frequently leads him to crush the dreams of anyone looking for a high-rated synchronicity. Working in high steel construction has given him the privilege of having a bird’s-eye perspective on a variety of subject matter, both literally and figuratively. His avoidance of cameras has nothing to do with paranoia, taking his picture will, very literally, steal his soul. Someday, Darren hopes to bust a few caps in Sasquatch, while he has more than a few caps swirling around in his own head.”

Then we have Graham or “Grahambo” as he likes to be called, who …”wants to live in a world of spiritual enlightenment and brilliant health. As a veteran podcaster, his journey in alternative media was sparked by a multiple-witness UFO sighting that forced him to question the very nature of reality. He has recently petitioned Tim Horton’s to serve hashbrowns dusted with monatomic gold, and coffee-to-go that is perfectly calibrated for enemas. When he’s not podcasting or tolerating Darren, Graham can be found sitting cross-legged in the desert, or fervently digging in the vast subterranean crystal mines outside Vancouver. Clean and sober for more than a decade, he lends an open-minded clarity to the Grimerica Show. When he wears Daisy Dukes, Graham’s calves really pop. Favorite subjects include consciousness, spirituality, alternative history, and conspiracy facts.”

A topic that is covered on this episode and certainly is one that makes for interesting conversation is would you kill a Sasquatch? Imagine that you are out hunting and all of a sudden you cross paths with a Sasquatch. You have a perfect shot lined up to take it out. Do you do it? What would be the risks involved if you do kill it? Would people ever believe you if you let it go?

To follow the Grimerica podcasts and all of their recent blog posts head over to or you can reach out to them at And as always for all things Malliard head over to Twitter @Malliard


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