Have you ever had a bad qujia experience?

 So what’s reasked the question, just for the sake of asking you, have you ever had a bad qujia experience?

When I hear the word bad, I’m not sure how to qualify that. Oh. And maybe something didn’t like and I would say the one experience that you remember that what I considered quasi bad was, um, I had, this is back in 1986, so we have to go way back for this one. But, um, I was working the board with my brother who was very good at using this tool and he, we, we somehow brought in this um, oh, uh, an energy of somebody who is deceased that, that was just cussing at us a and g just derogatory to saying derogatory things, demeaning things and cussing and, and, and you guys. And I want you guys to understand this. When I worked the board, um, if anything like that comes through, I don’t engage much longer than maybe let them say what they’re saying, maybe a couple times then I’m done.

And so this went on for like no more than just maybe a few messages and I just said, you know what, you’re boring me and I’m just not going to put up with this. And I just took the board and wiped it off symbolically, but literally wiped it off with that. It’s more of a symbolic thing or a gesture and I said, you can’t speak to me anymore. And as soon as we did that, a new bean came through and this new being a became a spirit that I communicated with for another 15 years and it was really a positive spirit. So that was a negative, I would say negative. It’s not really negative, negative, scary, spooky, negative or bad. It was just that happened. So that, that, that, that experience, my brother was sitting there going, well, how did you do that? I go, well, you know what? It’s like in life. I said, I’m, someone’s going to just be negative. And just be demeaning or you know, ugly, why talk to them if they want to talk to us or meet
here, you or both of us no nicely and have questions or just comments, that’s fine, but you know, you don’t have to call names and that kind of stuff. I said, I won’t do that in life. I’m not gonna do it. Our board won’t do it, the deceased. And so once I made that decision, it changed. I mean, I never had to have since that point, negative experiences with the board and, and here I am in 2000, 18, many years later. It’s been really positive and expansive and just enlightening for me. But there’s many reasons why it’s like that for me and like we could definitely get into those. People are curious.

Karen Dahlman

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