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So let’s talk about your home studio for a minute. Cause I have this golden vision. So is it as big as big and as phenomenal as I’m imagining or is it just a microphone and a computer?

No, no, no, it’s actually, it’s actually pretty nice. I, um, I got the, I have this, this booth called a, I guess it’s called vocal vocal booth. I think that’s your manufacturers that and it’s basically a, a, uh, what they call a diamond shape. So it’s, God will say one, two, three, four, like five sides to it. So there are no two sides are totally parallel because we’re good for sound. You want, you basically want dead sound when you’re, when you’re in a recording booth, anything got a hard surface, it’s going to bounce off another hard surface. You’re going to get kind of a, a, a, a, a splash from that. And it’s, it’s fairly big. I mean it’s, I guess at its widest, maybe eight feet or something. So it’s a pretty good size. I’ve got a nice desk and my computer in there and a couple of microphones set up. So it, it’s, it’s interesting because the way that I acquired it was I was gonna I was considering having a studio built in my house and a friend of mine is a contractor and he said, you know what, you should do take some electrical, some not electric tape. Some some painter’s tape and put it on the floor, kind of mark out the dimensions that you want. And so I went okay. And I kind of marked it down when I needed to be kind of a, a, a diamond shape. So I kind of did these markings and give, I got some quotes and the quotes were not cheap. I mean it was pretty, pretty expensive to have had it built and built. Right. And I thought, you know, I’m going to look on Craig’s list. She has to kind of see what’s out there. And by luck  there was this booth that was available and it was from a, it was actually from a casting office and I’d actually been in the booth before and auditioned in the booth. So I knew it was really nice and really big and I got it at a. If I knew that for it to work it needed to be a phenomenal twice because if the price was pretty much. Even Steven, I was going to have one built. And bottom line is I got this thing for a basically stolen.

Robert Clotworthy

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