How deep do you research?

I’ve got a very detailed oriented question for you here because I’m, I’m reading from the book and I get to, um, the start of chapter. I want to say seven. I’m looking real quick here. I have a book in my hands, actually chapter seven, and it mentions a newspaper with the story about the wife of the night Nazi spy that were missing from home and that newspapers, Franklin News Herald, which happens to be my paper, and let me tell you, I was surprised by all get out to see because most of the story is referencing the booker from like the Dallas morning news or bigger papers. Then I was surprised to see my little newspaper have featured in this book.

Yeah, I did. I thought it was a number of papers, carried articles and I do recall that one.

Skorzeny Janie was. When I it, it’s a matter of history before I wrote my book. Skorzeny had escaped? Well, I was able to show that his escape was orchestrated by in the United States and British and French. It was actually a joint effort by the various French and, and, and, uh, United States. And they, uh, they got Skorzeny out and then replaced them underground so that they could utilize them. But, um, they also rescued his wife. You got to realize that a Skorzeny, the Soviets wanted to get scores any bad. In fact, they, they captured his brother who was hauled off to the Gulag and spent many years years their s Skorzeny and hated the Russians and the Soviets. And He, uh, he had a personal vendetta as well, you know, you just, you hated communists. And that’s why he was using. I’d like to make a comment here that I interviewed about 12 men who knew Skorzeny and also looking at the documents for people that, that were part of our government that dealt with him.

Uh, and this, this is an incredible, and I’m not stating this, they send it. Every, every single person I interviewed said he was not a Nazi. Now he was a Hitler, top commando in World War Two and he definitely obeyed Hitler’s orders and carried out a number of great commando raids for Hitler left by or, you know, when the war ended, he was resigned to his fate and uh, people that worked with him and I knew several said he was not a Nazi, that he was a professional soldier. He was a very idealistic German patriot, um, and that he hated communism. He was also a very effective, uh, one, one man that I interviewed said that he was brilliant and his, his operations were, uh, let me do it was incredible. Um, covert operation. This was not a, uh, this was not a normal normal guy. He was, he was very, very effective.

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