How did you end up writing a UFO Book? – Ben Mezrich

 The 37th parallel the UFO highway how in the world did you end up writing a UFO book then?

Yeah you know I didn’t know a lot about the UFO world, I like certain shows like the x-files and the movie close encounters but I’m kind of an outsider to this world I’ve heard about this guy Chuck Zukowski, he was a reserve sheriff’s deputy in Colorado who had been fired from his job after investigating a cattle mutilation and I knew nothing about cattle mutilations and that strange phenomenon that’s been going on for fifty -sixty years involving ten thousand cows and horses that have died in these bizarre ways missing hearts missing lungs completely drained of blood and no ones ever figured out whats going on so when I started reading about that I thought this is happening I was hooked up with Chuck a movie producer again in beau films who had done the movie San Andreas and he wanted to know if I would be interested so I basically flew out to Colorado I met with chuck and I decided that this was something that I really wanted to get involved with. And that’s where it all started.

In keeping true with the show is over in what feels like no time at all, but not without hitting many other topics such as MUFON, disclosure, the oddities that surround Bigelow Aerospace, what inspires Ben, and so much more. Make sure to pick up one of Ben’s books at many different retailers, keep up to date with his latest projects (which includes the reintroduction of the wooly mammoth) on his website, and share The Malliard Report with those that you know!

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