How did you involved with the Trump campaign? Ted Malloch Answers

we’re going to get into the plot that destroyed Donald Trump. Actually talking to Roger Stone here in a little bit as well. This today. So this is good. Great Day for me to get all in. I mean, I’m just like all into this, all immersed into this, but what got you. I mean, what, what got you interested in this? How, how early did you get involved into this?

Well, I was involved in the trump campaign, uh, you know, informally I’m, I’m a phd international economist with a background in philosophy, politics and economics. I taught at Yale, uh, at uh, Oxford and I’m Henley business school and uh, you know, I was involved very early on. I mean, the outset really trump trump campaign is, I thought he was a pressure, uh, you know, worth of fresh air. So something that would change the system that would drain the swamp in the vernacular, you know, but we would, um, put us back on the right track as a nation. So I became very involved, uh, uh, basically writing up it pieces appearing on television in your, were a, I was an academic and occasionally on international media.

Ted Malloch

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