How many difreent languages in the world? Shocking answer!

I want to back you up for just a second. You said 6,000 different languages. Is that including dead ones or is that all active around the world currently?

Oh, well that’s a very ballpark number because the number of human languages that there are in the world depends exactly where you draw your dividing lines between language and dialect. so if you think about, for example, or somebody with a really for me, so I can actually, even though I’m a professional language study or professional linguists, I can barely understand somebody who has a strong scottish english accent and so you sometimes wonder, well where’s the line between linda’s at tap get to be a different language, but there are actually currently in the world approximately 6,000 different languages, which is amazing. you wouldn’t think that, but, but there are
and jim, there are languages dying every day or certainly dialects and languages dying every day and there are linguists that they’re full time. Not everybody teaches necessarily full time or was a forensic linguist for so many different aspects of linguistics and some of them, some of these linguists, their job is do record these languages that are dying. There’s not a whole lot, you know, linguists could do or even society could do to keep our language alive and keep people talking, but they at least try that and they certainly want to try to record these languages. So 50 or 100 years from now at least, there’ll be some record of that.

James Fitzgerald and Natalie Schilling

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