Investigating Conspiracies theories help from Jim Marrs

no point in having been an investigative journalist for years. I’m not going to put that number in front of it again because I don’t think that’s necessary. But how do we, um, how do I, I’m going to ask for me, forget the listeners for a little while here. How do I investigate quote unquote conspiracy theories in real time to start sorting through the fake news and the real well
right now see this, this whole thing about fake news really worries me because, uh, you know, a whatt happens here pretty quickly when somebody, a has a website or a blog or, or publishes something and says, uh, you know, uh, Lee Harvey Oswald was innocent, you know, he didn’t shoot anybody. And here is the various proofs. Okay? Uh, they could not find his fingerprints on the gun. And what they did find was obviously planted there because funeral home director said he was there when the FBI put his dead hand on the rifle day before the FBI crime lab said there was no usable fingerprints anywhere on the rifle. And then all of a sudden there were after they visited the funeral home. And so once you understand that there lies, deceit, suppression of evidence and obstruction of evidence and a fabrication of evidence at the federal level, then things begin to make more sense.

Uh, so how do you sort through all that? And now somebody’s gonna come along and say, we’ll see that’s fake news because we all know Oswald did it. And and yet not really a polls starting in 1964 showed the majority of people in the day, it’s the vast majority is up around 80 percent or more disbelieved the lone assassin theory in the Kennedy assassination. So when somebody says, well, a Oswald did it, and you say no, he didn’t have to tell the fake news. Who’s, who’s telling the fake news. All right. So back to your question, what do you do? I have what I call my huh file. Okay. So I get a piece of information comes across my desk, let’s say in are really an eyebrow raiser. Like uh, you know, there’s a Nazi base on the dark side of the Moon, you know? Okay.

I don’t just automatically throw that in the waste basket and say, well, that’s crap. And I don’t automatically just go, wow, there was a Nazi based on the dark side of the man. I just say, oh. And I put that bit of information in my file and just file it away and wait to see if further information comes in that will lead to detract from the address substantiated. And uh, that’s about the best I can tell you. You just have to use your head and you can’t, you can’t jump in any thing that said over the Internet because you know, if you hadn’t figured it out, the upside of the Internet is that anybody and everybody has access to the Internet. The downside is that anybody and everybody has access to the Internet. So you have to be discerning. You can’t just go in there and buy in to everything you read it. But by the same token, you can’t just discount everything you read. You have to stay balanced. You have to look at all sides. They bring all the evidence in. And if you still haven’t made up your mind and put it in your whole fall until you get more evidence, and then at some point you’re going to go back and look over everything that you’ve accumulated in your whole file. And you go, Oh, I think this tells me there’s something here. So then, then you can start believing in something.

Jim Marrs – investigative journalist

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