Is the time right for a Space Force?

We’ve got a space for us coming though. So I mean, oh boy, I just sounded like a loaded point when I made it, but it makes it seem more of a reality even more so than like when we first talked about doing this interview and if we’re talking about protecting space, I mean that kind of tell, maybe I’m just being biased, but maybe it tells me, I know there’s weapons and stuff, but maybe we’re protecting them from the outside, from the inside out to reading too much into it.

Yeah, I mean we can go there if you want. I mean to me it looks like a, you know, the one that we have more space exploration we want to do and open up the rest of the solar system. Mars, you know it. See, I, I never want to be the guy that 50 years from now they play back this recording. Oh, this guy said there’s no life in our solar system. Well, there may be, I don’t know, but certainly none found so far and none that uh, too many linguists are concerned with being able to, uh, communicate with, uh, from our own solar system. But again, we never know if we do have travelers that come by a whole different dimension, different means, if in fact that would happen and part of me would like to think that if they have the technology to come as far to Earth, uh, that somehow they would maybe have studied our language in advance and could somehow speak um, and earth language to us instead of us having to look at like almost they weren’t smoke signals in the movie arrival, but certainly a symbols that were very temporal that sort of disappeared after a minute or so.

And then the whole time space continuum issue was brought into that. So I’m all I would say is as a linguist and I’m a linguist to back, Natalie was one of my professors at Georgetown University. That’s how we first met. And um, uh, you know, we have to be open minded about any language we don’t understand are no bad language is out there. It’s just a four dialects and just trying to learn from the person and find a way to communicate. And the end of two sets of people can do that. And guess what, it’s a a, it’s a win win as they say.

James Fitzgerald and Natalie Schilling

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