Is this the answer to all married couples fights?

I was just thinking about all the different different regional dialects in America, let alone from space trying to keep track of all of them. I know, I believe, Natalie, you’ve put together a book of some of those things.

Oh, I have a coauthor, a book called American English. Dialects in variation for people who would like to learn more about that. And again, I have an audio video course called English in America have linguistic history, which in which I talk about, well, we have British English on one side of the Atlantic. We have American English from the other. How did they. You get to be so different. Where did American English come from? Where did American English is come from? Because you’re right, there are a number of different dialects and yeah, sometimes it seems kind of crazy to be talking about how are we going to communicate with teachers from other planets in other solar systems when it’s often very difficult even to understand somebody from somewhere else. In the US for example, and for that matter sometimes it’s very different to communicate accurately and adequately with a, I don’t know, people that you see everyday and live with. Right? I mean we all have misunderstanding that people that feel like we’re very close to and we realized we’re just hearing each other differently or maybe misinterpreting what somebody even who’s speaking the same language and dialect.

James Fitzgerald and Natalie Schilling

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