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Jack Brewer – UFO Reseacher


Guest: Jack Brewer

Are you ready for some straight truth to be dropped on you? If so, then this week’s guest does just that. Lifelong musician, non-profit proponent, and hailing from the southeast, Jack Brewer brings his scientific ideals and skepticism to this episode of The Malliard Report.

After a brief introduction, Jim and Jack immediately jump into the reasoning behind Jack’s work. Jack Brewer has always had an interest in the UFO phenomenon and began writing his blog “The UFO Trail” in 2010, which eventually lead to his 2015 book “The Greys Have Been Framed”. Both resources are based on the fact that there is a lack of credible scientific research attributed to the claims of abductions, experimentations, and other wild tales of alien encounters.

Following the introduction, Jack Brewer begins to discuss the issues that are at the forefront of the community, and about steps that others are beginning to take to sort of shake off the ways of old, and bring a level of credibility to the topic. As with any topic that strays from the concept of “normal” there will always be a level of disinformation that finds its way into the fray. Jack also mentions that anyone that should happen to question the narrative at hand (whether ad believer or not) is quickly dismissed. Jim points out that the community appears to currently be either an “all or nothing” type approach, which fails to foster any healthy levels of skepticism.

Seamlessly moving from the topic of the introduction of scientific based skepticism, Jack Brewer proposes that the UFO community needs to begin handling its research in the same manner that true grant based research is conducted. Jack continues with the notion that if UFO research is handled in this form (with elements of peer reviewed papers, and scientific journals) that any real evidence that is found can hold to the rigors of credibility. Jack laments on a number of the factors that have caused the UFO research community to fall into the state that it is in today. One of the attributing factors that Jack refers to is the abduction and hybridization craze that swept through the community in the 80s and 90s. Aliens would purportedly pull people from their homes, poke, prod, experiment on, and even to go as far as splicing human and alien embryos to create a race of hybrids to help stop the impending invasion of a far more aggressive alien race. (Okay, so the last part was the plot to The X-Files. Just trying to have a little fun here folks) As outlandish as elements of this may seem, they were taken at full face value partly because the technology to test these claims was not as readily available as it is today. This made for a great story, and with the lack of physical evidence to back it, the story began to run rampant.

Furthering the discussion as to why the UFO research continues to fall farther and farther behind the times, (Jack estimates that the field is anywhere from 20-30 years behind what it should be) the topic of the entertainment industry plaguing the research field comes up. (This seems to be a common thread among all paranormal elements). It appears that the quest to sell more books, and fill more convention seats is the motive rather than the hunt for real truth. It is sad to say that this trend occurs more than we would like in all aspects of the paranormal genre. This type of approach lessens the weight of credibility for those that are legitimately putting in work to prove the existence of the object within their field (ghosts, UFOs, Chupacabres, etc.) and put more credence in that it is nothing more than a segment topic at a local con event or a timeslot on a particular cable channel.

Rounding out the show Jim and Jack Brewer discuss the future of Ufology and what Jack predicts is the direction the field is heading. While still far delayed from being “cutting edge” Jack mentions that there is an upcoming movement that is dispelling many of the ideals of old, and attacking the research with a new, more tangible process. Focusing less on the outlandish such as beings and hybrids, and more on what exactly is it that people are seeing flying in the sky, and the energies these craft may be using.

Jim finishes off the show with his final thoughts on the idea of healthy skepticism and criticism within the paranormal field, but it certainly applies to just about anything in life. If something does not add up, do not be afraid to speak up. If we toss out the idea of worrying about what others may think, the betterment for the community, and ourselves for that matter, will definitely shine through and the truth will eventually reveal itself.

There are many other topics that are covered in this episode that include the fallacy of regression hypnosis, the “Good Ol’ Boy” system set up within the UFO field, the San Francisco “missile launch”, spikes in internet traffic from peculiar locations, Greys vs. Greens, and much more. There is a lot packed into this hour and it goes by fast proving once again why The Malliard Report is THE fastest hour in paranormal talk radio.


You can check out Jack’s blog and order his book from here:

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