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Jack Brewer


Slipped in between the bread and circus of lottery prizes for experimental jabs, and billionaires in space, the news cycle quietly leaves a story on the proverbial table on how the Navy and DoD openly admit that footage from pilots chasing UFOs is in fact real and that the objects themselves are in fact unknown in origin. (In a roundabout way of course). Now factor in the relentless and never-ending fear porn that is continually hyped and shoved down our throats on the 24/7 news cycles, and disclosure groups like MUFON now nearly non-existent, it isn’t any wonder why this has gained very little traction among the people. It’s hard to hear sounds amongst noise. This week’s guest should be thrilled with the circumstances, yet is found just frustrated at the situation but not surprised. This week we welcome back disclosure advocate, researcher, and long-time show friend Jack Brewer.

Jack Brewer is the author of The Greys Have Been Framed: Exploitation in the UFO Community and the blog The UFO Trail. Jack is also a researcher, and advocate for the disclosure community that demands real disclosure and not a watered-down infiltrated soft launch that is plagued by individuals furthering their fame over the hunt for the truth. Or in Jack’s own words “…men and women with bold claims have been granted iconic status in the genre for decades. This is in spite of having never produced tangible, verifiable evidence to support their chronic insinuations of extraordinary circumstances.”

In this episode, Jack discusses the continual decline of groups like MUFON, the dying celebrity endorsers now that it is no longer the vogue thing, and the current climate towards the soft disclosure that is currently happening. Jack’s blog is found on and his book can be purchased through major online retailers. Head over to for the latest in show news, merch, live chat discussions, and much more. Remember to rate and subscribe through your favorite podcasting app and catch the live show every Tuesday night 9 p.m. EST.