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James Fitzgerald and Natalie Schilling


The beauty of the human language is something that often goes overlooked by most, but to a small few, the intricacies and detail are studied and revered. How one annunciates a particular word can give very specific details as to where they are from, how they were raised, and so much more. This week’s guests on The Malliard Report are both very familiar with the fantastic workings of language and have built esteemed careers upon this linguistic fascination.

The first guest that we would like to introduce is Natalie Schilling. Natalie is the Director of Sociolinguistics Concentration at the highly regarded Georgetown University. “Natalie Schilling specializes in sociolinguistics, especially the quantitative investigation of language variation and change and how it is shaped by, and helps shape, social factors such as regionality, ethnicity and gender. She is particularly interested in stylistic (i.e. intra-speaker) variation and forensic linguistics. She directs the department’s ongoing sociolinguistic investigation of Language and Communication in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area (LCDC), as well as Smith Island Voices, a real and apparent time study of the endangered dialect community of Smith Island, Maryland. She is the author of Sociolinguistic Fieldwork, co-author of American English: Dialects and Variation, and co-editor of The Handbook of Language Variation and Chang.” Natalie also has a personal connection with second guest    on this episode and who happens to be a favorite returning guest, James Fitzgerald. Natalie was a professor of James’ while he attended Georgetown.

James is a former FBI profiler and linguist with an extensive resume that includes work with the FBI on very high profile cases such as the Unabomber, and The DC Sniper, a consultant for several popular television series such as Criminal Minds, and an established author with multiple publications to his name. So join us as James shares his experiences on raiding Ted Kaczynski’s cabin, finding break throughs on the sniper case, and his work with Hollywood.

This is a great episode and focuses on a very interesting subject matter. Natalie and James are extremely well versed within their fields and can only be referred to as experts. You can find Natalie’s book through Amazon and Audible. James’ books as well can be found through Amazon and you can connect with James via Twitter @JFitzJourney . Head over to to catch up on past shows as well as sign up for the newsletter. You can contact Jim through the website or via Twitter @Malliard. Help us grow and spread the word and share the Malliard Report.