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James Quinn

The Pittsburgh Pirates, Gotham City, and the over-crowded, overtaxed, sun-soaked hills of Southern California. What could these three items possible have in common? We catch the Angels/Pirates game in Anaheim in late July and then the new Batman flick later that night? While this does sound like a good time, it actually has to do with this week’s guest on The Malliard Report. This week Jim welcomes actor, writer, health enthusiast, and sports fan, James Quinn.

James is an established actor, writer, and fitness enthusiast whose career can be seen within the likes of The Dark Knight Rises, Sandman, The Other Side, and many more. James not only dazzles in front of the camera but also showcases his talent from behind the camera as a writer and producer for an ever-growing number of films and shows. Jim and James discuss what life as an actor was like in the early 90s compared to what it is today, the thrill of the audition process, harnessing that energy, and a shared love for all things (good and bad) of Pennsylvania.

James is an absolutely fantastic guest, and you can find his work on multiple streaming platforms (Prime Video, Pure Flix, Tubi, etc.) You can follow James @realjamesquinn where he updates regularly with his latest content drops and locations. For all things, Malliard, makes sure to head over to where there are past and current episodes of the show, merch, and even the live chat (the Duck Pond) every Tuesday night 9 P.M. EST. Follow Jim on all the social media platforms @malliard, and don’t forget to rate and subscribe to the show on your favorite podcasting app.