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Jamie Boxell


This weeks Malliard Report is a little bit different than most that we’ve seen before, and that’s what makes this show truly exciting. Once more Jim Malliard shows us why his show is “The Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio”, and this show is no different. Tonight there isn’t a special guest that’s on the show, and Jim is going in blind and without a script. It would seem most of the people that Jim had lined up for the show got sick or their daily lives took it’s toll on their time. But that’s alright, being left alone with Jim just allows us to get to know the man a bit more!

Jim Malliard this week of course isn’t flying solo all by himself, so there’s no worry about that. In fact halfway through the show he manages to get Jamie Boxell, our special guest from a few weeks ago back on air to come and talk about Paranormal investigations and take several Chat Room questions regarding ghost sightings and Sasquatch sightings being correlated. Of course the answer to that one being that there doesn’t even seem to be less sightings of both, at least not to both Jamie Boxell and Jim. But, before and even after Jamie Boxell leaves and leaves us with just Jim again, it’s right back to the wall to wall train of thoughts. The topics might be jumping around a little bit this week, but that shows how Jim’s mind seems to work a mile a minute and is why the Malliard Report has been on top with it’s A game lately.

In fact there’s a wide range of topics to talk about as well. The first major one that Jim talks about is Evil, and how there seems to be a lot of it in the world, and how the world can seem to be full of negative emotions. A lot of which guests of the show might agree with, or even disagree with as they listen to the Podcast. But part of the conversation of Evil as a natural force centers around Jim’s thoughts and fundamentalists among religion, and how a lot of people who are part of a worldwide religious organization that preach love and unity can be so hateful, and so spiteful with one another and even people outside of the religion itself.

Of course that’s a heavy subject to talk about, that much is certain, which is why eventually our host moves on from such a topic to talk about other Hosts of other Radio Shows. In fact he’s even shared that he was running a poll off of his twitter that asked who his followers thought was the best Host. Choices including George Noory, Art Bell, and even a few contemporary ones in Pop Culture as well, but segued nicely into the topic of Jim’s thoughts on other Radio Hosts in the business he’s in and how some of them seem to become possessive of the audience that they’ve built up, and focus on the negative aspects of their job as opposed to building a community together with other Radio Hosts.

Still, that all leads nicely to the end of the show when we sadly have to end it. The moniker of the show is “The Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio” for a reason, but Jim takes a moment to talk about the Malliard Report once more and talk about what it is that he loves doing with it. How much he wants to be around for a long time to come, and he’s looking forward to 2016. And really, we all should be as well, especially with the plans that Jim Malliard has. Just remember till then though: Keep Quacking and we’ll see you next week!