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Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone

“Freedom of speech and freedom of press; the right to speak his mind is close to the heart of every American, the constitution prohibits most forms of censorship over the press and speechmakers. The argument against censorship is clear: no government official should be permitted to dictate what ideas or beliefs we are entitled to hear or believe. Both good and evil should be averted by more speech and not enforced silence. “

As enforced silence is becoming more prevalent in any medium in which the mainstreamed narrative is questioned, or dared to go so far as to dissent against, we must ask ourselves “at what point is the proverbial line drawn?” Podcasts, YouTube channels, and even entire websites are being pulled due to alternative views. Investigators used to strive to bring truth to the people, now they are about creating an image and a following, and truth is lost.

In an era of fabricated stories and click bait narratives, anyone that should happen to stray from the fold is quickly painted as an outsider and a rebel rouser. This week on The Malliard Report Jim has two guests that know this stigma all too well. In an episode for the record books, Jim welcomes two of the most polarizing guests in the history of the show; Dr. Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone.

As Special Counsel Robert Mueller continues on his search for whatever it is that he is looking for, he continues to operate within in a manner that is outside of what one would believe to be for the betterment of the people. While we will skip the details of the specifics of the investigation and try to avoid any appearance of any sort of political leanings it will be said that the manner in which the investigation has been conducted is far from appropriate. Additionally, does it not seem suspicious that Mueller has direct ties to the notoriously questionable Clinton Foundation? That might be another show for another day.

Roger Stone. Love him, hate him, there is no denying him, he certainly has left his mark on current politics, and it is very possible that mark is what aided in the situation that he found himself in late January. Once again in the “free world” Roger is now pushing forward with his legal fight against those responsible for the early morning raid on his house. (Let’s be honest here; is a full-fledged FBI raid on an individual with no passport or firearms really the best use of the American taxpayer’s money?)

This episode is one for the ages, but one of the biggest take aways is that we as a whole need to pay attention to where the line is being drawn, and who is drawing it for us. Censorship is slowly becoming the norm and those that are speaking out are quickly being silenced, and this is not okay. You may not subscribe to the same core beliefs as today’s guests, but you should absolutely stand for the freedom of speech. If you would like to contribute to either one of today’s guests defense funds you can do so here: or Don’t forget to visit out fantastic sponsor and pick up one of their great shirts for yourself. Remember to visit for the latest in The Malliard Report news, catch up on past shows, and so much more. Reach out to Jim through the website or Twitter @Malliard.