Jesse Iwuji, NASCAR Truck Series driver, Were you a fan first?

 So have you always been a NASCAR  fan?

Um, I’ve always liked NASCAR but I wouldn’t say I was always a fan. I really didn’t own honestly come a real fan of it at all. So probably about 2014 when I first went to my first race. But besides that, prior to that, I wasn’t really, I wouldn’t say a true fan. I didn’t, hadn’t any wash a lot of races and hadn’t been sent any, none of that, you know, I just went to one race and once I went to that, but I decided that this was where I belong, you know, this is what I need to be doing. Like this, I told myself I was like, this is was probably last time wherever you sit in the stands and watch and watch a cup race. I’m going to from now on, be down there in the infield and I’m going to be racing
 and yet you’re climbing that ladder, which is just impressive to get there.

Aaron Keith – Jesse Iwuji

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