Jill Marie Morris – Author

Jill Marie Morris

A three story apartment building, multiple confirmed suicides, cursed Native American grounds, and a national drug store chain. If there is a bit of confusion in how these seemingly different things are all correlated, do not feel bad, but know that they all tie back to one individual. Jill Marie Morris. Medium, author, comedic entertainer, and this week’s guest on The Malliard Report. Returning nearly five years to the day from her previous appearance on The Report, Jill shares her harrowing tale of what drove her into the world of paranormal research and communication. While maintaining a busy schedule of appearances on other radio shows and podcasts (we won’t hold that against her), writing, and showcasing her mediumship at events, Jill was able to take time to sit down with Jim and discuss what transpired leading up to the terrifying events that take place in her first book 207.

“207 is a true story based upon a series of terrifying events that occurred in the Author’s life while living in Upstate New York during the late 1980s. Married just over one year and five months pregnant, Jill and her husband moved into 207 19th Street, Watervliet, with highest hopes despite her hesitation about the spiritual aspects of the property. Just prior to making the decision to make the Victorian flat their new residence, Jill began to experience a sequence of foreboding dreams. Shortly after their move, Jill’s husband began to undergo extreme personality disturbances. He also exhibited bizarre behavior which continued to escalate as they settled into their home.”

Jill’s story is certainly one of absolute fascination and is certainly worth the time of digging into more. A stop by her website www.jillmariemorris.com allows the opportunity for one to be able to visualize the events that she shares, and the people associated with them. In addition to adding depth to her background, the website allows you to purchase her books (in fact, a portion of the proceeds go to both the Domestic Violence Hotline and the National Suicide Hotline) buy tickets for her medium events, and even T-shirts (the Spirit Buzzed one is great)! Follow her on Twitter @thejillymarie and don’t forget to keep up with all things duck via Twitter @Malliard