Jim Hoft and Daniel Abella

Jim Hoft

No matter what side of the “political fence” you sit on (or if you even believe that there are sides at all) there is absolutely no denying that the current “fake news” movement is causing a number of problems. With many of the larger online entities (e.g., Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) nerfing most of their searches so as to weed out thoughts and ideas that differ from that of the “mainstream” and even outright banning personalities and shows, it is safe to say that the whole thing is mess. However, not all hope is to be lost in an Orwellian dystopia. More and more it is becoming apparent that a push back against the censorship is taking place. One example of this would be the legal battle that is taking place between Alex Jones and PayPal. We will not get into a discussion about Jones in this particular time and place, but it is refreshing to see someone taking a stance. (Love him or hate him, you have to give him that.)

This week’s first guest (This show is a great two for episode. Or would it be more of a BOGO? Either way you get a great deal) is no stranger to the truculent approach to alternative media and continues to see a rise in popularity due to the jingoism of the “mainstream” media. The Gateway Pundit founder and journalist Jim Hoft joins Jim Malliard to discuss numerous events that are taking place in the circus that fills our newsfeeds: From the cesspit and clique mentality of the Whitehouse Press pool, the censorship coming down from the tech giants to Hoft’s scheduled testimony on Capitol Hill, the discussion is incredibly informative. Hoft and Malliard also discuss the very peculiar events that have transpired in Alamogordo New Mexico over the last few weeks at a solar observatory. The FBI has shut down the observatory for unknown “security reasons.” Other than the generic “security reasons”, no further information has been given, but large teams, and even black hawk helicopters have been seen in the area. Whatever is going on there is obviously something big and is not being reported in odd “fringe” publications either. This story ran in Popular Mechanics.

Following the interview with Jim Hoft, Jim Malliard then shifts gears drastically and welcomes a returning guest to the show, Daniel Abella. Daniel has previously graced the show in regards to the Phillip K. Dick film festival but this week he his promoting an entirely new “experience.” When people often hear the term “psychedelic” they assume that one is referring to various substances that cause an altered mental state. Many believe that the only means to reach these other planes of existence is to undergo a substance-induced state, but Daniel’s newest undertaking is out to prove this wrong. The Psychedelic Film and Music Festival is an exhibition of music, film, and art that is supposed to take the viewer to a whole new level. Psychedelia is about substance, but substance of material.

This is great double episode that covers two completely different topics but still a great episode as a whole. You can follow all of Jim Hoft’s latest news and information sources over at thegatewaypundit.com or on Twitter @gatewaypundit . If you are in the New York area and are interested in visiting the Psychedelic Film and Music Festival, head over to https://www.psychedelicfilmandmusicfestival.com/ to purchase tickets. For all things Malliard, to catch up on past episodes, sign up for the newsletter, and much more head over to malliard.com. You can also connect with Jim via Twitter @malliard where you request future guests, share your thoughts about episodes, and just start a fun debate. Don’t forget to head over to our sponsor veriteesapparel.com to pick out your awesome new t-shirt.