Jim Marrs and Jim Malliard talk UFO Disclosure and Roswell

And uh, then that brings up something on know Jim that you’re interested in, which is the subject of disclosure.

But I know I want to hear my theory on that because I’m sure you just are dying to. You’ve been waiting, waiting weeks for this.

That’s right. I’m just sitting here drumming my fingers.

This man waiting to hear back.

It’s going to be found in a folder at Starbucks. If we’re ever going to do it, somebody’s gonna to sneak it out because it’s still a paper form. You’re not going to hack any of this information out. It’s all paper form. Some guys just gonna leave it somewhere and unfortunately I don’t have a Starbucks in my town. So this story just to have a happy ending, but you’ll never know. I will be the guy that has the, uh, the big production that makes tons of money off of the final disclosure. I’ll wait. There was a mistake

the way I look at number one in a certain way. I think you’re right. I’m okay. But I think that the envelope is already been left behind at various places and, but it’s just, again, it’s up to individuals belief system. Uh, you can, uh, you can because they’ve done a pretty good job of running around with their crash or travel teams. And if, uh, there’s some real hardware somewhere or a real live alien or whatever, they could actually bust the whole thing wide open. Uh, the government’s already got hold of that and it’s already packed away and you’re not going to see that. Right? So what we’re down to is just again, kind of matters of belief. For example, let’s look at the issue of in 1947, something obviously happened at Roswell , something crashed at Roswell Alright, now that the debate has been, well, what was it?

[25:23] And there’s been all kinds of theories right up to and including a spaceship with non human alien occupancy, you know, so how do we know, how do we terman which the truth about that? Because the government kept saying no, nothing that in there, in fact, they put out a book about 1998 that said, case closed, that everything they saw was just crash dummies. And the only problem was, as was pointed out at the news conference at the Pentagon, one of the more astute reporter said, well, you’re showing us all this evidence for these crash dumbie test. But by your own documentation, none of those started until 1954. You know, what crashed it, Roswell ? 1947 in this poor colonel who was conducting the press conference because finally shows up and says, well, I really don’t know what they saw in 1947. And they’re listening to this going there.

Why you? A news conference. So, uh, you know, it, it’s really a bizarre situation. But so how does the average person to determine what was the truth about Roswell? But how do we know the truth about what happens on these things? And again, it comes back to you, you have to study, you have to look at all the available evidence and you have to use that God-given computer up in your head, call your brain and put it all together. Think about it. And then you’ll know, for example, in Roswell, on the one hand you can believe and trust the government which says nothing on usual. Nothing unearthly happened at Roswell. It was just a crash dummies and that maybe a test, a test mobile balloon or something, you know, that’s it. Okay. So it’s a government pronouncements with very little or no documentation or support.

[27:11] So you. But if you want to even believe them. And so then on the other hand, we’ve got more than probably 600 individuals now on the public record who said, well, I was there. I saw the bodies. I picked up the bodies. I could divide these over here. I carried him to Roswell Army Air Force base. I carried them to the cars will in Fort Worth. I carried them up to Wright Patterson and know how, you know, and, and I’ve seen them in my roommate’s on and by, by 600 people. So now. Okay. You can trust the government. I mean, after all Jim, they’ve proven themselves so trustworthy, right?

Jim Marrs – investigative journalist

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