Jim Marrs provides insight into change and solid life advice at the same time

I’m like, you, I’m glad there was a change, but I don’t know if this was. I mean it’s, it’s a big swing at it hopefully, but if we’re going to put it out of bounds the other direction, I guess to use a golf analogy,

we’re just  gonna have to sit back and watch. Okay. Uh, and when I say watch, don’t listen to, don’t listen to anybody. Don’t listen to me. Don’t listen to CNN, don’t listen to the New York Times. Don’t listen to the Washington both. Don’t listen to Donald trump. Don’t listen to his managers and handlers. They’ll listen to anybody. Anybody says, watch what they do. Okay? For example, one of the first things trump did when he took office was a passive word to the pharmaceutical corporations that they were no longer going to be the beneficiaries of no bid contracts for drugs with the government’s healthcare programs. Wow. I mean, that’s gonna knock a hole in the pharmaceutical corporations bottom line, and yet it’s going to help the people of this country need to have lower drug prices. Okay. So see, right off the bat, he’s taken a swing at the, at the establishment.

Jim Marrs – investigative journalist

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