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Jim Marrs – investigative journalist


Native of Fort Worth, and Red Raider Alum, this week’s guest on The Malliard Report is a very special one. A Ney York Times best-selling author, hard-hitting investigative journalist, college professor, and expert panelist appearing on such forums as The History Channel, CNN, NBC, Today, The Discovery Channel, Infowars, and countless others; Jim Marrs is easily distinguished as a leading expert in all things conspiratorial. Not one to take things for face value or to leave a single stone unturned, Marrs brings a tenacity that is quickly disappearing and is being replaced by watered down “stories” by today’s modern media.

One of the main ideas that Marrs really pushes on during this episode is one that is becoming a recurring theme not only here on The Malliard Report, but across many different “alternative news” mediums; check your sources. Marrs encourages everyone to not blindly believe everything that comes across their proverbial desk, but to also not immediately discredit something that may sit outside the general scope of one’s ideals. Marrs refers to this as the “hmmm factor”. Take an idea, research it from all angles, and then draw your own personal conclusion. This process has carried so well for Marrs that even Publishers Weekly has been quoted saying: “Marrs shows little discrimination, overemphasizing dubious phenomena like remote viewing and crop circles, and giving nearly equal weight to ludicrous pretenders like Billy Meier (who claimed close encounter with Pleiadians) and sophisticated commentators like Jaques Vallee. Marrs even devotes a chapter to theories that the moon may be a UFO, and he refuses to rule out obvious frauds like the alien autopsy tapes. But if rigorous analysis escapes Marrs, little else does…”

Marrs’ passion is very evident and conveys through the manner in which he speaks, and in the depth of topics he chooses. He is incredibly insightful on many different subjects (the books that he has authored range from the Kennedy assassination, to government testing of remote viewing, to the cover up of global depopulation) and is not afraid to take on any narrative. This is a great show and is a perfect starting point to many different rabbit trails that are worth venturing down. You can follow everything that Marrs is doing (and has done) through his website here: , you are able to purchase his books through Amazon ( and it is highly recommended that you watch the James Files interview on YouTube here: . This is one of the most believable accounts into the Kennedy assassination out there, but don’t take our word for it…

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