Jim tells on his wife on the air. #doghouse

Quick story for you, Robert, you’re going to love this. I finished a read for audible.com. Great. You know, reputable company. I’m sure you’ve probably done a promo for him at one point or another. They were, they were a sponsor from the show and I had my wife in studios and my guest. Now notice I’m like holding, you know, holding this promo because I’m trying to read it word perfect for them because you know, they’re rather intense. And I turned to her and say, how do you like audible? And I, I’m going to quote you what she said to me, it sucks. And I’m like, really? You’re telling me how you really feel that I have to send that timestamp in, you know, surprise, surprise to me. And probably you, they didn’t renew.

Robert Clotworthy

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