Jimmy Petonito also known as Mr. Haunted

Jimmy Petonito

Guest: Jimmy Petonito, also known as Mr. Haunted


What a wonderful week we have this week with the Malliard Report, “The Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio” on KGRA. Our host, Jim Malliard, had a chance to sit down and talk with Mr. Haunted himself, Jimmy Petonito, and they had a chance to discuss a wide range of topics that the listeners of the Malliard Report might find interesting, and well worth their time. Topics included of course all sorts of things, ranging from his time doing his own paranormal investigations, his chance encounter with the famous Ed and Lorraine Warren and working for them, and even his thoughts on the current state of Paranormal television today.

Starting off course n the first half of our show as our host usually does, Jim Malliard introduces us to Jimmy Petonito, and lets us get to know him a little bit more by making small talk with our guest. Asking him questions on how to pronounce his last name properly, which of course led to a small story about why he’s called Mr. Haunted, all the way to how he got his start in paranormal investigations. Of course all of it leads to interesting discussion that I don’t think any viewer of the Malliard Report wants to miss.

From there the discussion naturally led to his time doing Paranormal Investigations and Research, and how his connections since Mr. Haunted’s early 20’s led him to meet the famous Ed and Lorraine Warren, and how an investigation changed his life and led him to being in the right place, at the time to meet them and even work for them.

Not only that, because of his work with them and what they tend to do, the topic of discussion moved on from Mr. Haunted’s life, to such controversial topics as exorcisms, and Mr. Haunted’s opinion regarding them, to which our guest Jimmy Petonito discussed his past investigations with the Warrens, and the sort of pictures he hosted on his own personal website as well as his personal opinions. That discussion naturally led to the discussion of demonic activity as a whole, and when our host Jim Malliard asks Mr. Haunted if he’s ever investigated a location that might have had any sort of demonic haunting to it. The answer that our guest gives might chill our readers, being one of the highlights of this weeks discussion.

After the break though is where a lot of the fun topics come from however! After we come back from the break, Jim Malliard asks Jimmy Petonito his opinion and thoughts regarding present day investigations. as well as investigative television shows such as the Ghost Hunters. The highlight of this discussion is when the question of “Is Paranormal Investigation as a whole increasing, or getting better in anyway?” is asked, which might surprise some viewers of the Malliard Report when they listen to the answer that’s given in return.

As usual with the Malliard Report, listeners will be delighted at the talk between our Host, and our Guest, and this week is definitely one that should not be missed by any fan of the KGRA network. Some sit back, grab a drink, relax a little, and take a listen and see why the Malliard Report is indeed the Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio.