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Joe Gisondi – Bigfoot Researcher


Joe Gisondi

While today may be “Super Tuesday” the last thing you have to worry about is another collection of charlatans and empty promises. This super episode of The Malliard Report features a guest that is hunting an elusive hairy creature that can’t be found on a televised podium.

This week Jim welcomes Joe Gisondi to the Report. New Jersey native, and Professor of journalism extraordinaire at Eastern Illinois University, Joe has a number of interests, but the one that is gaining him notoriety is his quest for Bigfoot. Since childhood, Joe has had a fascination with the all things paranormal and spent his formative years fueling that curiosity with all the classic paranormal outlets. Today, Joe has turned that fascination and journalistic expertise into the quest that he is on today, which in turned has lead to the creation of his book Monster Trek: The Obsessive Search for Bigfoot.

After a muted dialogue, Jim questions if there are discrepancies in the types of Sasquatches seen from region to region. Joe Gisondi states that from information gathered that there are differences between regional Sasquatches. Sasquatches from the Floridian region tend to be small, lean, and quite pungent in relation to their more passive and much larger Pacific Northwest counterparts.

Now while most of us have become accustomed to “unconventional” investigation techniques in a number of different paranormal genres, Jim poses the question of what really goes into a Sasquatch hunt. Joe Gisondi explains that there are many different methods and tools that are used during an investigation. Techniques often include a lot of scouting and reconnaissance techniques and the utilization of many different pieces of equipment such as night vision and FLIR. Some researchers have tried a number of varying methods in order to elicit some form of contact (some of the more obscure “baiting” techniques include a researcher alone in the woods in a tent as a sort of pre-packaged squatch dinner, and leaving buckets of blood scattered about the woods) but Joe argues that the best method is small groups running in-depth recon style investigations. Joe also points out that tracking an experienced hunter in its environment is a very difficult task and that results may be few and far between but the worst-case scenario is that you get to enjoy a nice hike in the woods.

Following the synopsis of a Bigfoot hunt, Jim and Joe fall into a very informative Q&A session that cover a litany of aspects on the elusive hairy beast: What is the average lifespan of a Sasquatch? What does the future of Bigfoot hold with environmental changes (i.e. urban sprawl and shrinking of potential habitat), if you could communicate with one, what would you ask it? (How about you guys? If you could ask a Bigfoot one question, what you ask? Share with us on Twitter @Malliard) And of course, the question that has been popping up a lot on The Malliard Report when it comes to Bigfoot and that is, is Bigfoot an inter-dimensional being? Joe’s answers are incredibly in-depth and thought provoking, but you have to hit that play button to hear them!

Living up to the tagline “The fastest hour in paranormal talk radio” the show is over before you know it, and the spectrum of conversation covers a plethora of fun topics. Joe shares thoughts on modern journalism, favorite authors and binge worthy Netflix shows, his opinion on Tiger Woods, the hallmarks of a good journalist, what he would do with a televised alien encounter, and there may even be an old woman and a 1973 Buick somewhere in the mix as well. So kick back, hit play, and enjoy a great episode.


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