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Joel Samuelson

Cody and I had a blast on the Report last night. Technical difficulties aside it was a grand time, and we look forward to a return visit–hopefully John will be able to make it then. Lots of good “interrogation” you threw at us, but all very thought-provoking! Thanks, buddy! Joel Samuelson

Show Notes for April 17, 2012

0:01 QuickStart after Techincal issues

1:09 Cody, what type of equipment do you like to use on your paranormal investigations?

4:02 What is your (paranormal) investigation style?

5:20 Georgia Researchers Of Unexplained Phenomena (Group) information

8:00 What’s the goals for GROUP?

14:20Haunts of the south which are your favorites?

20:58 Is the titanic haunted above or below sea level?

24:47 What do you think about Paranormal TV Shows?

29:15 Twisted Dixie of New York Times Fame

33:55 Why are all the calls about demons? none about angels

35:19 Advice for a paranormal investigation group?