John A. Carman – Government Whistleblower

John A. Carman

“To be silent is giving consent…I will do neither.”
On this episode of The Mallliard Report Jim welcomes a guest that has a list of accomplishments and accolades that would impress even the most ambitious of people. A long term veteran of law enforcement and seeing a career that has spanned across several decades, John Carman has served as a member of The Secret Service (protecting the President, First Family, and many other prominent heads of state), worked as a San Diego Police officer, US Mint Police (protecting gold bullion at the US Federal Depository in San Francisco), and as an agent for the US Customs and Border Patrol. While John served many honorable years and was recognized for his outstanding service, this is not the reason as to why he is garnering negative attention from unwanted sources. John is a whistleblower. A whistleblower in a field where a lot of money is moved and made.
During his tenure as a customs agent, John received many commendations for his outstanding work. He was responsible for some of the biggest smuggling busts; drugs, money, people, you name it. As with any agent worth his salt, John paid attention to the goings on around him. This is where he began to notice that some things were not on the up and up. Other agents would downplay the amount of narcotics found on a bust to lessen a sentence. Superiors would take bribes and kickbacks in order to let some dealings slide under the radar. The various Mexican cartels would “adopt” other agents as a sort of “in” in order to have things go favorably for them. Some (very large) confiscations would just go “missing”, and airplanes owned and operated by our government were known to be moving narcotics and allowed to forego any inspection whatsoever. John drives the magnitude of this point by noting that when astronauts returned from their trip to the moon, that they themselves had to undergo a customs inspection and officially declare the rocks and other materials that they had brought back. So how does a DEA plane skip an inspection?
In addition to learning about the activity that goes on behind the scenes of the Customs and Border Patrol, John openly shares how his life has changed since he became a whistle blower. He goes into detail about coworkers treating him with a sense of resentment even after an interview with complete anonymity, physical attacks upon him, “visits” from cartel members, and much, much more. John warns that while being a whistleblower is the right thing to do when it is necessitated, it does however come with a hefty price. He also states that anyone that should happen to take on the role of whistleblower should be prepared for the rough road that lays ahead. John shares how he empathizes with what people such as Edward Snowden and Julian Assange have to deal with on a daily basis. John also discusses the failed “war on drugs” and the US’ involvement in the shipment and distribution of narcotics, and much more
This interview makes for a fantastic episode, and this write up does not even begin to scratch the surface. In fact, the interview itself fails to even begin to catalog what all John has to share. Jim eludes to several other episodes in the near future with John, and tantalizes us with a bombshell of a story that he just will not give up yet! So you have to stay tuned!
Be sure to head over to to see some of the work that John has done in the past. While the site may be a bit dated, the information itself is incredibly informative and eye opening. Let us know what you thought about this episode (or any of the others) in the comments below, or connect with us via Twitter