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John Alsedek

The Malliard Report

John is from Blue House Productions, North America’s #1 radio drama! Revival of the classic anthology series,
 SUSPENSE is on over 150 radio stations worldwide, and also at and 

27 episodes have been made with 48 in total to be made.

Why did john start the series?

What does he enjoy the most about doing the series and what does he least like?

What’s the hardest part of making the Suspense series for John, the writing or the post-production?

John describes what a regular day of making the series consists of.

How long does it normally take from script to finished episode?

John talks about his plans for the future of the Suspense series and about a new series on the horizon.

What are John’s views on public radio and where is it going?

Suspense is currently on 150 networks with 100 more coming by the end of 2014.

John gives some tips for people wanting to start an audio drama.

Who would John’s dream cast to work consist of?

You can find John Alsedek on Twitter @BlueHours

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