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John Carman

ListenIt seems as if every time that Jim has this week’s guest on the show, the world seems to be falling apart. One could argue that the world is always falling apart, but inevitably things take a more turbulent turn just prior John’s arrival. A “pandemic” rages on, sexual predators running on ballot tickets, anarchy in the Pacific North West, UFOs, and so much more. This week, Malliard alum and favorite John Carman joins the show to give rapid-fire answers on a number of topics that dominate our twenty-four-hour news cycles today.

A long term veteran of law enforcement and seeing a career that has spanned across several decades, John Carman has served as a member of The Secret Service (protecting the President, First Family, and many other prominent heads of state), worked as a San Diego Police officer, US Mint Police (protecting gold bullion at the US Federal Depository in San Francisco), and as an agent for the US Customs and Border Patrol. While John holds an esteemed career, this is not where his notoriety comes from. Maintaining a belief in the oath that he took, John believed that the proper response to the corruption that he was witnessing was to report it. This whistleblowing has led him to be put on a proverbial blacklist and have “tainted” reputation. This has yet to deter John and continues to push forward in exposing the truth.

John continues to spread the truth about the corruption that runs rampant among various government agencies, what’s happening in the news and more. However, John finds himself struggling as he continues to push back against the powers that be. Rising legal costs and more have prompted John to launch a Patreon. Feel free to stop by John’s Patreon and contribute to help him with his cause. For all things Malliard make sure to head over to to catch up on past shows, subscribe to the newsletter, snag some awesome merch, and become part of the duck pond with the live show every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. EST. Follow Jim on all social media platforms @malliard and don’t forget to rate and subscribe on your favorite podcasting app.