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John Fowler – Author / Paranormal Researcher


What an awesome show we have this week on the Malliard Report, and why once again Jim Malliard proves that his show is indeed “The Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio”. It’s even more evident that the show’s moniker is true when he introduces our very special guest this week, Paranormal Investigator and author John Fowler.

Longtime fans of the show will more than likely recognize that name, as right off the bat Jim reminds our guest that this is his fifth showing on the Malliard Report, and in fact, it’s even revealed that this is John Fowler’s first show that he was ever invited to appear on a long time ago. In fact, some of the subtle humor of having our guest on this week might make some more observant fans chuckle, given the names of both Malliard and Fowler being related to birds. However that goes to show the relaxed atmosphere between the two when Jim gives our guest a very special belated happy Birthday.

After the birthday wishes of course, comes the serious question that’s been burning on our hosts mind for a little while now; How is Paranormal Enlightenment doing? John Fowler of course not missing a beat in explaining his opinions, as well as updates and everything on how well it’s going, cluing all of us listeners in on the exciting stuff that’s been developing. In fact, he’s even asked during the show for anyone to feel free to come visit his website (Located at ) to come see for themselves, and maybe even see if they want to get involved on the community he’s developed. Not one to miss a beat in the discussion, our host Jim expresses his opinion in regards to Paranormal Magazines as well, and explains how he feels they’ve gotten kind of stale, asking John Fowler how he keeps his website fresh. In fact, for those that haven’t visited the previous link, they might like to stick around during the show to hear the discussion between these two in regards to that.

Keeping up with all of the projects that John Fowler has been working on though, the interview moves onto another project calling itself “Diary of The Watchmen” website (Located at ) where our guest explains what it is, and what he does in regards to his version of Paranormal Research, and how he does it his way.

When we come to the second half of the Malliard Report, there’s a definite tonal shift in the discussion. The first half of course being what our guest is up to, and what he’s currently working on. The second half being a little bit more relaxed as our Guest and our Host relax a little bit with one another to discuss the pitfalls of networking, how they enjoy doing business in a similar manner when it comes to making connections on a personal basis first, and even share several funny, if embarrassing, stories from when they’ve tried making connections with other people as well.

Sadly, as we always see with the Malliard Report, our time with John Fowler comes to an end, showing why the Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio earned it’s nickname, and we have to end it. Luckily, we’ve a fun time this week, learned a bit about our guest, and ending with Jim’s final thoughts on how he’s been very busy lately, but he wants to be working to be more social with all of the fans that he loves that make the Malliard Report worth doing every week. As usual, remember to stay Quacking and we’ll see everyone again next week.


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