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Reverend John Polk – Metaphysical Minister


This week on The Malliard Report, Jim’s guest is no stranger to controversy. Metaphysical Minister, Reiki Master, and founder of Wolf Spirit Ministries, The Reverend John Polk poses a theory that shakes our creation story to its very core and puts a different spin on the Ancient Alien concept. Utilizing his abilities as a channel and medium in addition to his expertise in exospirituality, John was able to put together the abstract (and coincidently enough titular subject of his book) messages that came to him that “Yahweh, The Biblical God, is an Alien”.
The Reverend Polk states that the Yahweh of the Hebrew Bible is actually an alien that has been masquerading as the REAL God, and has been pulling the proverbial wool over our collective eyes for most of our short existence. Polk claims that most of humanity is unaware of this ruse, but more and more people are slowly adopting this idea, especially those within the ancient alien camps.
Within his channelings, Polk has been able to communicate with the cosmic charlatan and states that the entity posing as Yahweh tells him that the time for alien disclosure is drawing near so that we “primitive Earthlings can be weaned off the Universe’s figurative bosom…” and finally stand on our own two feet as a species. As with many other guests, this circles back to the debate of full disclosure, and while Polk claims that the Alien Yahweh tells us that disclosure is soon to come (soon being a very relative term here) he (Polk) believes that this disclosure will not come from any government establishment. Polk believes that the governments refuse to acknowledge disclosure due to the huge financial ramifications (i.e. the powers pulling the puppet strings losing money) that would come with disclosure.
Amidst all of the technical “difficulties” Jim and John have a great conversation that covers disclosure, John’s first experiences with the paranormal, his University President father and his closeted love for the strange, Clifford Stone, Big Foot, and much more. This is a topic that can certainly illicit some heated debate and we certainly encourage it. (As long as you’re being decent human beings about it. Don’t be jerks to each other please.)
Keep up with all of John’s busy work and many projects or to order his books over on or follow him on Twitter @reverendpolk . Make sure to share with us your thoughts on this and many other hot button topics on the website or on Twitter and remember, no matter what it is you are working towards, just keep pushing. It will be worth it.


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