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John S. Weiss – Afterlife Is To Die For


The afterlife, spirit world, the other side. Whatever you define the hereafter as, it is the reasoning for the chicken crossing the road, and the question plaguing philosophers, thinkers, and laypeople alike. While you may have a different opinion on what happens to us once we cash in our chips on this plane and move onto whatever is next, John S Weiss’ experience is certainly worth taking note of. This week on The Malliard Report John S Weiss shares his experiences with visiting the other side, the guides he met along the way, and his theories as to what makes us who we are.

Born in 1947 and hailing from The Empire State, John was raised and lived by a staunch set of atheistic views for a very long time. Believing that anything considered “paranormal” was absolute nonsense, would have mocked the idea of the existence of a spiritual realm. That is until his bout with the ever repugnant cancer. Amidst the chemo and radiation, John was able to discover the catharsis that is found within deep meditation. John began a regular routine of meditation every night and typically accompanied it with reading or some other form of relaxing past time. However, one night was all but routine, and started John on a journey that would forever change his views on all things metaphysical.

This is a topic that is certainly going to illicit strong opinions from some, and covers some areas that may be completely different from anything that you believe in, and that is okay. In fact, John’s family even suggested he refrain from putting a lot of the material in his book due to the controversial nature of it. But is that not the beauty hidden within the search for the unknown? John’s story is a fascinating one that introduces us to his guides, the concept that paranormal events may be spill over from the other side, and that we all have our own unique resonation frequency.

You can find John’s book The Afterlife Is To Die For on Amazon or through his website

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