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John Tenney – Occult phenomena researcher


Guest: John Tenney

Not since 2012 has The Malliard Report had a guest like this week’s, and that is because in 2012 he was a guest! On this episode Jim welcomes back anomalistic and occult phenomena researcher John Tenney. With more than twenty years in the field of the unusual, John has established himself as one of the leaders in investigative research. Known for his wildly popular “Weird Lectures” series, John has also been able to provide his scientific insight to numerous podcasts, has been featured on the television series “Ghost Stalkers”, authored over a dozen books, and has provided consultant work for such organizations as NBC, Fox, SyFy, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, and many others. When John isn’t busy chasing the unusual he can be found showcasing his talents as an accomplished painter, musician and humorist.

After a brief introduction, Jim and John Tenney immediately dive into John’s latest project “Beyond the Experiment”. “Beyond the Experiment” is an ongoing series of investigations that brings a fresh perspective to the ever-classic séance. Séances over time have garnered a rather less than credible reputation due to the high number of tricksters and fakes that are commonly stereotyped and associated with the phenomena. John, along with several other researchers, is participating in a number of séances in varying locations, that are monitored by a collection of scientific and data gathering tools. Following each one of the séances, the team will meticulously review the data in effort to put credibility into the classic paranormal medium.

Following the sneak peak into John’s latest project, the conversation steers into the direction of the health of the paranormal field, and a number of issues that continue to plague it. John discusses the apparent approach of pushing their narrative to be right, rather than the evidence stacking up for itself. Additionally he notes the “divide” between the varying paranormal fields (e.g. ghosts, ufology, conspiracies, etc.) continues to widen, when they should actually be drawing nearer to each other. John also acknowledges much of the animosity stems from those in their paranormal camps refusing to acknowledge the notion that many of the other fields may cross into each other, and the boundaries between them are far less defined than previously thought. John believes the varying communities do not talk to each other but would benefit greatly with open lines of communication.

Staying in step with the topic of the differing paranormal communities, Jim and John pick up on the topic of the UFO field, their not so pleasant run-ins with government officials, and the recent FBI release of their “X-Files”. It is no surprise a large amount of dis-information exists, and continues to be churned out from our government in regards to ufology, so the legitimacy of these files is highly suspect. Does anyone else find it a tad bit coincidental that these files are released at the same time as the reboot of the classic TV show “The X-Files”? In a slightly proud manner, John recounts his time of being accosted (and by accosted I mean slammed to the ground and restrained) by Texas Rangers for asking then presidential hopeful George W. Bush about UFOs and Jim shares his story of taking a wrong turn, and attempting to go in an employee entrance of the J. Edgar Hoover Building.

In addition to John’s amazing insight to how he approaches paranormal investigations, Jim peppers John Tenney with a barrage of questions that range from the conundrum of killing a Bigfoot if given the opportunity, whether or not the show “Unsolved Mysteries” would be able to hold up to today’s standards, and what happened to JFK’s brain. John’s insight will keep you riveted from beginning to end and before you know it, Jim is queuing up the outro, proving once again why The Malliard Report is The Fastest Hour In Paranormal Talk Radio. This really is a great show, so stop reading and go listen already!


You can check out John’s website here: (but he would much rather have you come hang out with him at one of his events!)