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John Vivanco

“Through work at SRI International and other laboratories, a number of individuals have demonstrated an apparent ability to accurately perceive information, which is inaccessible through the “conventional” senses and to convey their impressions in words and symbols. At times these individuals can apparently describe events, places, people, objects, and feelings with very high quality. At SRI, the particular ability to provide detailed descriptive information has been termed remote viewing (RV). Although latent ability and motivation undoubtedly play a significant role, some accomplished remote viewers have claimed that this ability can be taught and learned to varying degrees. In FY 1986, SRI awarded a subcontract to Consultants International (CI) to assemble a detailed report of subjective experience that might lead to a testable RV training methodology. CI was selected because of the long and successful remote viewing experience of its founder, Mr. Gary Langford.”
So many of the outside or “fringe” concepts that we know sit just on the precipice of mainstream science and understanding, but often kept out for the negative stigma often associated with believing in such. However, the situation certainly takes a different element when the American government and intelligence agencies make a vested interest in the subject matter. Such is the case for remote viewing. The above quote is taken from declassified documents from CIA experiments during such operations as Project Stargate, Gondola Wish, Sun Streak, and several others. Remote Viewing while often criticized by mainstream science obviously holds some merit for the government to put so much effort into researching, and today’s guest on The Malliard Report is an expert within this field. This week Jim welcomes John Vivanco to the show.
John is part of a team of remote viewers and head of the Right Hemispheric project; a working think tank of professional remote viewers. John started remote viewing shortly after it became declassified in 1995. From there he became a professional Remote Viewer, working in a think tank called TDS, and later co-running it while living in a Zen Center. Through the years, he has worked with clients in the computer industry to the financial industry, as well as counter-terror with the FBI and other government agencies. Part of one of the only successful civilian Remote Viewing think tanks since the declassification in 1995 until they were forced to close their doors. He now he writes books, hosts events, and maintains a VERY busy YouTube channel on the subject. The blog he maintains on his website shares his stories with some of the most interesting beings that exist outside our scope and dimension. Definitely a great read.
You can keep up with everything that John Vivanco is working on through his website or on his YouTube channel (right hemispheric) and his books can be purchased through most major online retailers. You can connect within him on Facebook book, but John admittedly doesn’t use it a whole lot. For all things Malliard head over to where you can catch up on past shows, sign up for the newsletter and much more. To connect with Jim you can reach out via Twitter @Malliard and don’t forget to visit our great sponsor for your awesome conspiracy themed T-shirt.