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Jonathan Mallard – EVP Researcher


Ready for an incredible fowl episode of The Malliard Report? While it is easy to quack avian jokes all day long, I’ll stop ducking around and introduce this week’s guest. In this episode, Jim welcomes Jonathan Mallard to the show to talk about conspiracies, EVPs, Jonathan’s latest book, and the current state of the paranormal field.

Jonathan hails from The Great White North and is a “…former atheist turned paranormal investigator. Fueled by a thirst for knowledge of what happens to us when we die, Jon has dedicated his life to the paranormal.” Jon is the face of L.A.D.S (Life After Death Society) author of the book “NewfiEVP: Talking with the Dead in Newfoundland” and also hosts the paranormal podcast “Odd to Newfoundland”. Amongst the juggling of multiple projects at any given time, Jon is also a husband and father who enjoys (perhaps in a closeted sense) the good old-fashioned sport of televised wrestling’.

One of the big areas of discussion on this episode is the current state of the paranormal research field. Jonathan points out that the field itself has been drastically thinning itself out over the last few years, with a majority of the part-time type enthusiasts losing interest and fading out. While the proverbial purge of weekend hobbyist continues, the wake that it has left behind is that of a saturation of evidence in the field that is no longer considered ground breaking or even interesting for that matter. Johnathan eludes to an almost mundane attitude towards EVPs has taken over which leads him to his take on the future of paranormal investigating.

The formulaic approach to paranormal research has been done time and time again across almost every medium of communication: from big network television shows to small-time YouTube channels; a team goes into a place for a single night, catches a few EVPs, and moves on. Because this has been done time and time again, the sort of blasé attitude towards evidence has set in and a new approach needs to be taken. Johnathan and a few others are starting to take that approach. Johnathan’s tactic for investigating (and just so happens to be the basis for his latest book) is to visit one location multiple times in hopes to gather the ever elusive repeatable evidence.

This episode will certainly elicit a few chuckles, to say the least and Jonathan covers a lot of interesting ground. He also reads a snippet from his upcoming book that will certainly leave you wanting more. You can learn more about the many projects of Jonathan Mallard on his website and follow his podcast Odd to Newfoundland through the website or many other podcasting mediums.  And lastly, to answer a question that was posed in the show; yes chem trailing for weaponized (i.e. military use) weather has been used and documented. One of the most notable cases was “Operation Popeye” during the Vietnam War. From March until July, various military aircraft flew cloud seeding missions that enabled an extension of the monsoon season which caused flooding in a number of the key battle locations. More information of “Operation Popeye” can be found here: and an exhaustive list of US patent office patent issues for cloud seeding, geoengineering, and weather modification (i.e. “Chemtrailing”) processes and items can be found here: