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Jon Mallard

They say “birds of a feather flock together” but what happens when a couple of odd ducks come together? Like-minded water avian cause chaos and mayhem? Who knows? This week on The Malliard Report, Jim Malliard welcomes Jon Mallard to the show to duck, dive and roll through a number of topics surrounding the ever-changing, and increasingly weirder events we see happening each passing day.

Joining us all the way from as far east as you can go on our continent; Jon hails from Newfoundland, loves the weird, and has a great story to tell. Hosting his own podcast called “The Odd To Newfoundland Paranormal PodcastJon is no stranger to the weird and strange and has an affinity for discussing it. Jim and Jon get into what podcasting looks like today (during the recent events) favorite guests they’ve had on and much more.

Now several months into this…ordeal we have had to find new routines, change our ways, and many things that we were used to, have now fallen by the wayside. Many would think that podcast listenership would be significantly up, but quite it is quite the opposite, unfortunately. Most people listen to their podcasts while on their commute, at the gym, and during the here and there bustling that happens in the typical day today. With most everyone working from home, there is no commute and gyms just now starting to open back up (depending on where you are) so when can you really listen to all those podcasts? Visual media has certainly been on the rise though.

While we can spend all day discussing the negatives from this situation, and not even begin to scratch the surface, Jon and Jim decide to flip the narrative around a bit and highlight some good that has come out of this. Everyone has something. Be it that home reno project that you’ve been putting off for years, picking up that new hobby you’ve been wanting to try, or dusting the cobwebs from an old one you loved, we’ve all had the time to certainly do it. So what are some of yours?

Jon is a fantastic guest and it truly was a treat to have him back on the show. Make sure to check out his podcast The Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast for a great selection of “paranormal variety.” Don’t forget to head over to to catch up on past shows, join in the duck pond every Tuesday night, signup for the newsletters, and score some awesome merch. Rate and subscribe through your favorite podcast app!